Wicket The Ewok (Kenner Preschool)

Wicket The Ewok
Kenner Preschool

One of the relatively unknown Star Wars toys produced by Kenner was their short lived 1984 preschool series based on the Ewoks cartoon series. I can't believe my parents bought the Ewok Family Hut for me as a kid in 1984. I was seven years old, and this is clearly a babies toy! Not that I knew that at the time. Nor did it hinder me from getting hours of play out of it.

To compliment the playset, Kenner released two additional smaller sets. The first was the Ewok Woodland Wagon, and these second the Ewok Fire Cart. Like the playset, each one included a handful of minifigures to round out the series.

From there, Kenner branched out into a realm of real world themed products in the form of a toothbrush, alarm clock, telephone and radio. Don't get too excited. With exception of the toothbrush, these were all just toys that didn't function beyond a handful of sound effects.

In terms of Star Wars toys, these are certainly some of the more unique ones. I've said it before, it's amazing that it took Kenner until 1984 to start releasing Star Wars toys geared towards younger kids. Toddlers, if you will. In hindsight, it seems like a really large missed opportunity.

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  1. I like the Hut and the Fire Cart. Pretty cool.

    1. Despite the age demographic, I remember getting a lot of play time out of the hut.