Retro Spins: The J. Geils Band - Freeze Frame

The J. Geils Band
Freeze Frame

Everybody at this point probably knows the hit Centerfold from The J. Geils Band. Sadly, not to many people can name a song beyond that. Sure, I knew of the other hits, Freeze Frame and Love Stinks, but honestly that's about as far as my knowledge on the band went.

Though I purchased the album Freeze Frame for two of the three above mentioned tracks, I got a few other fantastic treats as my reward for picking it up. Though their most famous track, again, Centerfold, is known for it's pop feel, there are actually quite a few deep tracks to be found from the group. For example the guitar work on track nine's River Blindness grabbed my very core.

Other gems included Insane, Insane Again and Flamethrower, which got added to my 80's iTunes mix. In total, I nabbed five tracks from the album - All of which have been listed above.

I'm actually kind of curious to hear some more from The J. Geils Band. This album was pretty good. Believe it or not, Freeze Frame is only one of eleven albums from the band, with three being released in the 80's and all the rest in the 70's. That's a pretty impressive catalog for a group relatively known for one song. I'm definitely going to have to hunt for Love Stinks (1980) and You're Gettin' Even While I'm Gettin' Odd (1984). From there I'll see if I want to dig even deeper.

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Computer Warriors (Mattel)

Computer Warriors
1989 - 1990

Computer Warriors! Evil viruses are released in a top secret government computer and it's up to the Computer Warriors to track them down and stop them! Disguised as everyday household items, the Computer Warriors and Viruses transform into deadly attack machines.

Transformers with tiny pilots? Sounds cool...Until you realize in their transformed versions they're things like calculators, pencil sharpeners and books...Hmm...Lame. Granted they do reconfigure into things such as tanks, rockets and other attack vehicles, but still...That's about as fun as Perceptor turning into a Microscope. In other words, there's just some toys I don't want to play with - One that promote education.

Even the boxes didn't help sell these things with generic names representing what they are; Book, Flashlight, Clock...yawn. No wonder these things didn't fly off the shelves.

"Okay, Johnny. You can get one toy. Do you want Optimus Prime or Pencil Sharpener?"

The choice seems kind of obvious, doesn't it?




In representation, the computer playset looks pretty cool. It's massive, which is always fun in any playset.



In addition to the larger boxed versions, the series included carded PC boards which transformed into aerial ships. The cardbacks get points for having a unique style to them in terms of shape.

PC Board

PC Board

PC Board

PC Board

Because I clearly wasn't going in any particular order, here are some more of the boxed items.

Pencil Sharpener

Out of all the Computer Warriors toys, the Pepsi Can is the one which intrigues me the most. I don't know what it is about this particular thing that makes me want it so much. Probably the nostalgia of the branded can.

Pepsi Can

Soccer Trophy? Um...That's a soccer ball.

Soccer Trophy

Mattel produced a pilot episode for Computer Warriors which...Is just awful. It's no wonder the series didn't get picked up for syndication. The one and only episode can found on VHS cassettes which were released in conjunction with the toys. Additionally, you can watch the full episode on Youtube.

These toys seems to come in spurts on secondary markets - Typically from one seller offloading the entire series. In the box they're going to set you back considerably, so this is not the type of toy line for the faint of heart. Be prepared to spend around $200.00 for the boxed ones (not including the computer which will set you back even more) and around $25.00 for each carded PC board.

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Retro Spins: Ready For The World - Ready For The World

Ready for the World
Ready for the World

Ew...Who in their right mind starts an album with a ballad about making out with a girl? First off, ballads? No thank you! Second, I'm not a girl. So when you're singing in great detail about kissing "girl" lips and even tongue, gross dude. If Ready for the World's objective was to make every man in the world turn off their album, mission accomplished.

By track two, I was wondering if Ready for the World's sole purpose of writing an album was to sing about how much they liked girls. While Digital Display definitely had a peppier beat than the first track, Tonight, all it did was prattle on about a sexy girl.

I took a glance at the titles of track three and four, respectively, Ceramic Girl and Deep Inside Your Love and needless to say I didn't get excited for what was coming next. Of course what I feared I would get was exactly that - More songs about how fine girls are. Sigh...At least Ceramic Girl had a solid beat to it. Meanwhile, Deep Inside Your Love was another icky ballad.

I had to take a break for a minute at this point and look back at the cover for the album. I immediately busted out laughing as in my head I heard, "Just let your SOUUUUULLLLL GLOW!!!!!!" Serious Jheri curl going on there.

Coming back from said break, I was treated to Oh Sheila. Okay, I know, this song too is about a girl. At least this time said girl has a name...And a funky chart topping hit! The track debut at number eighty-five in August of 1985 and went straight to number one by October. The downside to this was it pushed album sales to the point the record went platinum.

Much like the lyrics for Human Toy, the song was, "Alright, it's okay." It had a peppy beat and followed up Oh Sheila pretty good.

Then I got two more boring ballads thrown at me, and finally the last track of the album...another ballad and pretty much by this point I was bored with this album and not really listening.


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World's Greatest Monsters: Rodan (Mattel)

World's Greatest Monsters: Rodan

Rodan, or Radon as he was known in Japan, is a daikaiju (strange beast) from the days of big monsters, rubber costumes and prop wires. The "character" first appeared in the title film of its own name in 1956, and since then has appeared in many films along the most popular of them all, Godzilla. The character has spanned across multiple decades, and been a part of pop culture not only in films, but comic books, novels, and has had all kinds of merchandise released relating to him.

One such piece of merchandise has become a bit of a holy grail to many big monster collectors. The 1978 World's Greatest Monsters: Rodan from Mattel. Based on the title, one would think Mattel was working on a series of toys, but no, only Rodan made its way to toy isles.

The toy had a ton of play features incorporated, which included, thirty-eight inch flapping wings, an opening and closing beak, claws which could grab and a squawking feature. It's a shame it was a one and done deal, because this thing is awesome!

Rodan would fit in nicely in a display of Mattel's other big beasts, Gre-Gory and Krusher.

The box has all of that fantastic vintage style designing to it, but unfortunately it's not going to be something most collectors will be able to get. Boxes are few and far between, to the point an empty one will set you back as much as $250.00. With the figure, and in mint condition, I've seen these things go for as much as $2,500.00! Just buying Rodan alone can easily set you back $300.00 to $500.00.

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Jack Of All Trades On Netflix

A note before starting. Be mindful of the comments. The conversation contains spoilers of the film.

Fan of baseball cards? Trading cards in general? Nostalgia? Collectibles? Documentaries? If you answered yes to some or all of those, check out the "film", Jack Of All Trades on Netflix. It's a documentary of Stuart Stone, child baseball card collector turned adult trying to sell his massive collection.

Throughout his story, Stuart quickly finds out the golden rule of collecting. Collect for the fun, not the value. Despite his massive collection of cards, Stuart finds that the excess of the 80's and over saturation of the 90's has left him with a collection worth nothing.

It's an interesting, if not somewhat sad tale. Especially as you watch the group of documentary makers start to fight and argue with each other.

At first, Stuart comes across as selfish, whiny and entitled. However, as you learn more about him, you start to see that there's actually a deep rooted pain in his life, which perhaps, is the reason he acts the way he does. One which he needs to, and does, face as the documentary continues on. As this is where the true heart of the "story" lies, I won't ruin it for any of you planning to see it.

Overall, it may not offer any insight into the card industry which seasoned collector's don't already know. Instead, it provides something much larger. A glimmer of hope for Stuart himself.

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Retro Spins: Nena - Nena


Nena? More like Nein. Nein Danke if I'm being polite.

It baffles me how songs not sung in a native tongue can become so popular that not only do they find a large audience outside of their countries, but in the case of Nena, can even shoot all the way up to number one on the charts. To piggyback on the popularity of their hit, 99 Luftballons, the band even translated the song to English. Get this, it wasn't as popular as the original German version.

Don't get me wrong. I'm a big fan of the German version myself and have it in a steady rotation of my 80's shuffle. Much like the majority, I too prefer this version over the English translated one. However, the rest of the album, Nena's self titled 1983 debut, I just can't get behind. Because I don't know what's being said on the album I really can't get into it. Perhaps it would be different if there were catchy riffs, a great beat or even high energy to the tracks. Unfortunately, that doesn't exist.

Falco proved in 1985 that it was possible to not only find success in the USA, but become more than a one hit wonder. It's because of this I was really hoping to find something else on Nena's album that would stand out of the bunch and prove to be an equal if not greater track than their one hit wonder. Never found that song.

The album as a whole turned in to very ignored background noise and quite frankly I lost so much interest in it that when 99 Luftballons played I didn't pay much attention.

I wish I could say more, but the album is just a dud for me. Like I said, if I spoke German I may have found something more to this, but I don't. So I didn't.

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Speclatron (S & T Sales)

S & T Sales

I don't normally talk about knock-off's here at The Toy Box, but these ones caught my eye, and I felt really inclined to try and track them down - Which was not easy.

The line is relatively unknown to many collectors. However, with that said, the most commonly known figure from it is Dethlor. Though they are clearly knock-off's of He-Man, what makes them so unique compared to all the other impersonators is their clear chests filled with liquid and glitter.


A common flaw among the figures, is they are prone to dry up of all their liquid. Additionally, their clear chests commonly discolor to a deep brown making them, well, not so clear anymore.


Though there are only six carded figures and three multipacks of figures / beasts, finding any of them is a quite challenging. These things are scarce in the wild, and even more so brutal is their prices. Loose figures can sell anywhere from $300.00 to $1,000.00. Meanwhile, carded figures range between $750.00 and $2,000.00. All of this, of course, depends on which character it is, and how complete it is (if loose).

 Midas and Thor*Deemin and Devilcat*Venuma and Devilcat

There's no doubt these figures would make a fantastic addition to every Masters of the Universe collector out there. Unfortunately, there just aren't enough to go around.

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Order Of Battle: Pee-Wee's Playhouse

This will be an ongoing post of my vintage Pee-Wee's Playhouse toys, as I obtain them. 

Pee-Wee Herman
Obtained: July 6, 2019
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Retro Spins: Toto - IV


I've been stuck in the wash, rinse, repeat of so many 80's artists these days that quite frankly I've forgotten just how good some of them are. I've also forgotten just how many great songs came from some of them that while they don't necessarily get repeated airplay these days, they did back in the day.

Toto is one of those bands that has always confused me. There are so many "lead" singers in the group that I honestly have no clue who is singing what. It also doesn't help that people come and go and come back and go again from album to album. Despite this though, it doesn't detract for me in any major way.

When I sat down to listed to Toto IV, I heard a few great songs I'd forgotten about; Make Believe, I Won't Hold You Back and Lovers in the Night. Of course, I also heard the albums front runner hits, Rosanna and Africa. Granted that's only half the songs from the album. Sadly, the other five really didn't do it for me. They were okay, but meh...Not really noteworthy.

Hearing this album actually prompted me to look a little closer at Toto. The reason being that the only albums I own from them are their 1978 self titled debut, IV (1982) and The Seventh One (1988) - I'm not being lazy, that's really the titles here. I may have to pick up Hydra (1979) for the song 99 and Fahrenheit (1986) for I'll Be Over You. I don't appear to know any songs from any of their other albums.

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Thundercats, Ho!

I said in my post the other day how much I really wanted one, and then as if the planets all aligned, I got one!






LJN's Sword Of Omens is beastly awesome! One of my all time favorite wish list toys. Tracking this thing down has been quite the challenge. Especially in working condition.

As you can see, I even purchased a sword stand to display it on. Both items cost me less than $100.00 combined. You can barely find the sword for under that price - Let alone in working condition with a good "cats" logo on it. This one has its flaws, but hey, it's a toy that was designed to get banged up. It's not going to be pristine unless it's mint in the package.

It's such a simplistic toy when you get down to it, but it's so freaking cool at the same time!

I've added this to my Thundercats Order of Battle post for "quick" reference in the future.

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Rampage Super Stretch (Lanard)


Classic arcade game meets poor action flick, only to remind everyone how much they love the game.

Rampage was a staple in my NES rotation as a kid. It was one of those games you could play for hours and hours - Because that's literally how long it took to beat. With its fun characters and easy pick and play style, it was one everyone could get into.

The overall design of these stretchable figures is spot on with their arcade counterparts. You can definitely tell it's George, Lizzie and Ralph when looking at the package. I also love the incorporation of the games original banner at the top of the package.

Sadly, the movie didn't necessarily help sell any action figures, and there were quite a few produced. This meant the majority of the Rampage merchandise inevitably got shifted to clearance bins. Granted, this was probably no surprise to any toy collector who walked past their pegs in route to the Marvel Legends or Star Wars sections.

Out of the entire line of toys produced for the film, these three by far stand out as the most intriguing, but even then, I had little to no interest in them. They are cool looking, and definitely iconic. However, as I said at the top, they really only make me want to play the game, not buy the toys.

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The Art Of Binge Watching

This year, the forth of July presented a unique opportunity for me. Because it fell on a Thursday, my company made the fantastic decision to close not only on the holiday, but also the Friday following, effectively making this a four day weekend.

With the festivities of the birth of our country commencing, I decided I would partake in the celebration in the manner that our forefathers did back when they first announced their independence. I fired up Netflix to settle in for the all new season of Stranger Things.

My honoring of the day screeched to a halt like that of a record player scratching across the vinyl as the music is abruptly interrupted. I, and as I came to found out was not alone, was greeted to the message, "Netflix is having trouble playing this title. Please try again later." This, for me, began at 10:30 AM, and continued until around 4:30 PM when I was finally able to start the show.

Being someone with limited time on my hands to sit in front of the television, I found I was not conditioned for binge watching. After two episodes, I began to feel fatigue. By the end of the third, I needed a time out.

On Friday, I sat down to watch an additional two episodes, and then once again needed a break. Mind you, I didn't turn off the tube and call it a day. Instead, I switched over to Amazon and caught up on one more episode of Mr. Robot, which I'm currently on season two of.

Saturday was a busy one with Timonium, an antique mall, lunch and then The Toy Exchange, so I didn't watch any further episodes. I honestly didn't feel like it when the day was all said and done.

That left me with Sunday to knuckle down and push my way through it. Fortunately, I found out there were only eight episodes in the season (can you even call that a season?) and finished the last two episodes.

Spoilers ahead.

I think Stranger Things may have run its course. Act three really didn't offer anything new. In fact, around episode five, I found myself saying, "This is just more of the same." Need something moved? Call El. Need to open a can? Call El. Need to solve a general problem? Call El.

I felt sorry for actress Millie Bobby Brown. Her dialog is limited, choppy and when not talking, she's furrowing her brow, screaming and / or throwing her arms out. Her character, Eleven, is so one dimensional that at this point it's difficult to invest any emotion into her. Like I said above, need a problem solved, just call El.

The other characters haven't evolved much either since the last time we've seen them. They're taller, older, and the only thing that's changed for them is they're all on the hunt for chicks. That is, except for Will (Noah Schnapp). He is the only character that retains any of his prior personality, and it even becomes a point of contention for the others. I'm talking about how he just wants to play D&D, and go back to how things were, but can't because Mike (Finn Wolfhard) and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) just want to talk about girls.

Speaking of the character, Mike, what happened to his mouth? Every other word out of it seemed to be, "Sh*t!" In fact, during one episode in particular, between all the characters, the word "sh*t" was used upwards of six to ten times in the span of sixty to ninety seconds. It's as if the writers sat around and said, "How can we drive home the point that these kids have grown up? I know, let's make them say sh*t over and over and over." What is this, South Park?

With that said, I did enjoy the overall premise of the story surrounding Billy (Darce Montgomery). His personality, as we saw from season two, is the perfect foundation for evolving into the "villain" of the season. I even liked how it took the route of it climaxing in his retribution in a way when he sacrificed himself.

However, with that said, Joyce (Winona Ryder) quickly became the character I hated. With the exception of being Will and Jonathan's (Charlie Heaton) mother, her story arc went nowhere. Her outbursts, which were typically directed towards a man, were out of place and awkward in the few scenes she went off on a tangent. It was as if to be nothing more than a shout out to all the activists out there. "Hey, we know this season is based in 1984, but women are strong." We get it. Thanks. Watch G.I. Joe.

To go to the opposite spectrum, there was the equally cringe worth performance from Jake Busey as an employee at the local newspaper. His character, Bruce, was so obnoxiously pigheaded to Nancy (Natalia Dyer). I found myself rolling my eyes and saying to myself, "Oh, right. It's 1984. Men are all douche bags in the workplace." Honestly, Busey should have been as ashamed to play that character as the writers were to write him that way. Way to throw fuel on the fire, Stranger Things.

What was the goal of this season? To take every character we grew to love over the past two seasons and make them unlikable? I haven't even touched on the cheating and marriage ruining actions of Cara Buono's character, Mrs. Wheeler (aka Mike's mom). While she didn't end up cheating on her husband, the intentions were there, and sorry, that doesn't make her a likeable or respectable character.

Need another obnoxious character to pile on? How about the excessively loud, and stereotypical Erica, aka Lucas's sister, aka Priah Ferguson. Once again, the writers seemed intent on creating a character who was unlikable in her actions, her demeanor and her overall dialog. Oh, but we're supposed to move past that because she ends up being an integral part of the supporting cast.

Mind you, I don't want this to seem like I'm harping on all of the cast in this season. Maya Hawks character, Robin, and Joe Keery's, Steve, seem to steal every scene they're in together. You can tell that a relationship is growing in the whole scenario, and the curveball you get thrown at the end when you find out Robin isn't into men, if you know what I mean, hits you out of nowhere. You want these characters to be together, yet the writers said, "Nope. We aren't going to do the obvious here." The two do, however, remain best of friends at the end, making it all the more fun to watch them because there's no more tension there. Just two people having a good time together.

In the mix of all of this is Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), who seems to be the focal point of the story's advancement. All the plot points of the season start with his character, and come full circle in the end to wrap up where it all began.

Last up was Hopper (David Harbour), who before it was all over, I was saying, "He's going to die." I was leaning this way for a few reasons. One, he was building on a relationship with Joyce, and she seems to go through men like water. Two, you could see it in the dialog that the character's story was coming to an end, what with all the heartfelt emotions between him and Eleven. Three, as an actor, David Harbour seems to be moving on to other things.

Okay, so that's all the characters. Now let's look at the overall story. Like I said above, I like how Billy was used as the main villain in the story. However, again, it was just more of the same. "Thing" takes over human host. Horror ensues. Door gets closed at the end (again), and evil is destroyed...Or is it? Watch the mid credits scene for that. By the way, Hopper may not be dead..."No, not the American," says one Russian to another as they go to pull a prisoner from a cell.

Oh, and Eleven loses her powers...Again. Then out of nowhere, the Byers pack all their stuff, and Joyce, Will, Jonathan and the newly adopted / orphaned Eleven leave town. Everyone's crying. Nobody's happy, and it's a crap ending. It's not a cliff hanger. It's not a happy ending. It's just crap.

Throw in between all of that a plot surrounding the Russians being behind the cause of everything happening. Why the Russians? Because it's 1984. Who else would it be? Cliche much?

Season three could have, and probably should have, been the end of the train tracks for Stranger Things. I can't imagine what the writers could possibly do with a fourth and beyond season. They're already retreading ground between the three seasons they have. What more could they possibly add to to it if they kept going? Do we really need El to get her power's back and once more go toe to toe with the upside down world? Do we really even need to see the upside down world again? Not really.

Look, you eked three seasons out of a show that came out of nowhere and built this massive cult following. Now know when to end it before you run it into the ground.

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Pickings Were Slim In Timonium

With the smoke clearing in the sky from another Independence Day come and gone, it was time to saddle up and head to Timonium, Maryland for another Dave Hart Toy Show. I arrived right at 9:00 AM, and the show was just opening for the day. However, there was no wait as I walked up t the cashier, paid, got stamped and walked in.

The same vendors were there, which was expected. However, as I started walking around and snapping some photos, I quickly noticed something I wasn't expecting.  They all had a lot of the same stuff they were trying to sell not only last December, but last July. Because I was seeing the same stuff in abundance, I stopped taking pics. Here are the few I snapped before giving up.

Lack of "new" stuff aside, it didn't stop me from grabbing some things to add to my collection.

I'd been walking past numerous Pee-Wee Herman figures since last year, and possibly even the year before. It was always something I kind of wanted. This time, I went ahead and grabbed him.

When I pulled the figure from the package it was kind of wet with sticky residue - A common issue with toys which stay in the package too long. A quick rinse and dry off, and it was good as new.

I've been wanting to replace the Marge Simpson in my collection ever since getting her. No, replace isn't the right word. Rather, complete. Mine was missing the cookie tray and shopping bag. As I searched for her on ebay, I found the figure was upwards of $100.00! No way was I paying that price for just the accessories.

Needless to say, when I found this one at the show, and for a very small fraction of the cost, I was all over it. The seller told me it was a UK edition, but I didn't care. I just wanted the accessories. The Marge and Maggie figures will get tossed in my "trade" pile.

Glad to have this figure complete. Now I just need the television set to complete the set...Which is in route as soon as the seller I just bought it from ships it.

Such a happy family!

Recently, I've been looking at getting the vintage vinyl Star Wars carrying cases. I never thought for a minute I'd find one at Timonium - Let alone in such great shape for a mere $5.00! No, that's not a typo.

The case has both trays, the stickers adhered to them, but no paper insert. Quite frankly, I'm not concerned with the insert. This is just fine for me.

My brother and girlfriend found me a Tauntaun while I was at another table making a deal. They kept calling me on my cell to come see it, but I unfortunately was too busy to do so. Turned out to be a good thing.

With multiple people taking an interest in it, they held onto it saying that it might be sold. The guy had a thirty dollar price on it. However, as everyone got impatient of waiting on me, my girlfriend said, "I have a twenty on me. Take it or leave it." The guy took it.

Honestly, I wouldn't have paid $30.00 for this. Twenty? No problem.

I stopped by the CD table, and made record time through it. There's honestly not much I was expecting to find, and I was quite surprised to leave with nineteen discs. Granted, five are for my sister.

 Boyz II Men's Cooleyhighharmony*Boyz II Men's Boyz To Men II
Chef Aid: The South Park Album*Footloose*Garbage*Journey's Raised On Radio
Lady Gaga's The Fame Monster*Lady Gaga's Born This Way*Lady Gaga's Artpop
Lady Gaga's Joanne*Sixpence None The Richer*Tina Turner's Break Every Rule
Tony! Toni! Toné!'s The Revival*Warrant's Cherry Pie*South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut!
That Thing You Do*Titanic*More Music From The Wedding Singer
Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

And of course, G.I. Joe figures were coming home with me. These are actually what I was haggling on when getting bombarded by calls for the Tauntaun.

 Python Officer*Python Crimson Guard*Python Viper*Headhunters*Hydro-Viper

I have a fond spot in my memories for Python Patrol and Tiger Force. The reason being, as a kid, I didn't start collecting Joe figures until around 1986. This means I missed out on a lot of the classic figures such as Duke, Dusty, Cobra Officer, Cobra Soldier, etc. For me, the Tiger Force and Python Patrol were the versions I had. While I would have preferred the originals, they were nowhere to be found on store shelves. So, you take what you can get.

 Tiger Force Skystriker*Tiger Force Tripwire*Tiger Force Dusty*Tiger Force Recondo

Yup, I replaced my Tiger Force Tripwire from Farpoint Toys, which I didn't notice had cracked elbows when I bought it.

I wanted to buy five Thundercats figures, which would have included Tigra, Cheetara, Monkian, Vulture Man and Jackalman. However, the seller wasn't willing to come to an agreement on the price. Even after I showed him that he was charging too much, he wouldn't budge. The annoying thing about it is that this guy always has these figures at each show. He's not selling them at his asking price. So, you know, maybe rethink that one. Lost sale at the end of the day.

Because we were in the area, we stopped at The Toy Exchange on the way out. I grabbed two more Joe figures and also something big. Really big.

Sadly, I'm not able to touch said item yet because I bought it for my birthday gift from me, to me. That won't roll around for another forty-one days. Sure, I could open it now and have a blast with it, but then what am I going to get from me on my birthday? Patience....Patience....

 Nulifier*Spearhead and Max

Nulifier is actually the last Cobra figure I "needed" to have them all from 1988. Good grief. At this rate, I'm going to complete the entire 1988 and 1989 years before I know it. That was not planned. Every time I turn around, more Joe figures are coming through the door. I complain, but only in jest. I love it!

Well, that wraps up my day. Now I just need to update all my Order Of Battle posts with the new stuff.

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