The Dirty Dozen - My Top Twelve All Time Favorite Vintage Masters Of The Universe Figures


As Masters Of The Universe Day rolls onward, I thought I would share with you a Dirty Dozen's list showcasing my top twelve favorite Masters Of The Universe figures of all time from the original vintage line. 

Number 12 - Modulok

As a kid, the more facets packed in with a figure, the more fun a figure tended to be. Modulok knocked this aspect so far out the park when it hit toy shelves in 1985. I remember the figure so vividly as a child, from its unique shaped box packaging to all the bits and pieces inside.

What made this figure so much fun to play with was all the various combinations you could get out of it. Your imagination really was the limit. While I came up with all sorts of wacky combinations while playing, as an adult, I like to keep mine on display assembled as it's shown on the front of the box.

Number 11 - Two Bad

Through adult eyes, Two Bad may seem to be punching itself in its faces. However, from a kids perspective, two heads were better than one. Despite its limited articulation and minimal shield accessory, I remember having a lot of fun with this figure as a kid. Even now, it's one of my all time favorites...I mean, obviously, it's on this list.

Number 10 - Faker

Evil He-Man robot? Yes, please! The possibilities were endless when I received this figure as a kid. So many different adventures were had where Faker infiltrated Castle Grayskull, or duped the heroic warriors into a trap.

Number 9 - Blade

Guilty pleasure, I love the Masters Of The Universe movie. Even to this day, I think it's so much fun. I know a lot of people were really disappointed with it, but for me, it was one of the best summers ever when this movie hit theaters. I remember getting into trouble when it first premiered, and my dad telling me he wasn't going to take me. Fortunately, as parents often due, he did eventually do so. I remember sitting in awe in that movie theater in Bend, Oregon, taking in all the visuals that projected on that screen.

Unfortunately, birthdays and Christmas's that came and went never yielded me my very own Blade figure. It wasn't until my adult years that I finally got one. Since then, it has quickly become one of my favorites in the line. I really wish they would have made all the characters back in the day, but I get why Mattel never did.

Number 8 - Roboto

Roboto was one of the most unique action figures I had as a kid. Mattel was often incorporating unique styles of play with figures, but for me, this one always stood out the most. From his translucent body with moving gears, to moveable mouth and interchangeably arms, this figure seemed to have it all.

Being a robot, Roboto was also versatile in the type of stories my imagination could run with. He wasn't always bound to being a good guy, because he could have gotten reprogrammed, or damaged during a battle and went haywire. So many good times I had with this figure.

Number 7 - Orko

Did I have Orko as a kid or not? I want to say yes, but for the life of me can't say for certain. Despite this lapse in memory, what's not to love about the heroic warriors little companion? He's brave, he has heart, and for such a sidelined character, a whole lot of mystery that really didn't get explored during the original cartoon series.

Number 6 - Scare Glow

Glow in the dark toy? Yes, please! Scare Glow was spooky, unique and again, glowed in the dark. What more could a kid want? It's ridiculous how much this figure goes for these days, so I'm really glad to have had mine for so long.

I don't honestly know if mine still glows in the dark. I suppose I could easily get up, step five feet to my right and check, but I'm so unmotivated to do so.

Number 5 - Prince Adam

It seems like such a bland choice, but looking at this figure from a kids eyes, my mind was blown when I got one. Wait, I no longer have to pretend that my He-Man figure is Prince Adam? I actually have a Prince Adam now? I can go through the whole scenario of him lifting his sword and changing? Pure awesome!

Even before I went wild as an adult and ended up buying every MotU figure, this one was always at the top of my want list.

Number 4 - Saurod

Man, as a kid I had zero luck nabbing me some movie related Masters figures. I remember when watching the movie for the first time and seeing this character that I was blown away. He was so awesome, and I was so bummed out that he was the only one to bite the dust in the film.

As for the figure, I mean, come on, it shoots sparks. What's not to love about that? Unlike my lazy self getting up to check this one, I know my Saurod still shoots sparks.

Number 3 - Skeletor

Say what you will about the vintage Skeletor figure. My go to was always the Battle Armor version. I just really dug the rotating damage armor, and overall thought it was a far superior version to that of the original.

Number 2 - He-Man

Piggybacking on the above, my go to He-Man was also the Battle Armor version. Yeah, original vanilla flavor He-Man is great and all, but this one has a giant metal armor chest piece which flips to different stages of damage! That's hot right there!

 Number 1 - Stinkor

Yeah, that's right. My number one MotU figure of all time is Stinkor. I love this figure just as much now as I did as a kid. Coincidentally, he smells as bad now as he did back then too. This is because unlike Moss Man who got a spritz of pine scent, the patchouli oil used for Stinkor was actually mixed in with the plastic. Meaning, if handled correctly, this figure will stink for all Eternia...I mean, eternity.

And there you have it. My top twelve most favorite Masters Of The Universe figures from the original vintage line. Did any of these make your list? Which ones didn't make the list that are your go to figures of choice?

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  1. Nice list! I've always loved the Battle Armor versions of He-Man and Skeletor as much or maybe just a bit more than the originals. I'm glad to see your love for the movie figures. I've always thought they were great figures and I like the movie quite a bit, too. For my favorites from the vintage line I'd definitely go with Moss Man, Grizzlor, Fisto, Mosquitor, King Hiss, and Ram Man.

  2. Another awesome list for MOTU day. Not being a collector, I did always remember I had an appreciation for Buzz Off and Moss Man.

  3. Nice picks! I had a good few of these: Modulok, Roboto, Orko, Prince Adam, Battle Armor Skeletor and He-Man, and Stinkor.

    I got the Battle Armors first, but thanks to refreshes, got the original versions later. That said, I think the BA versions have become preferable in my mind, at least for He-Man.

    Prince Adam was fun, but what I really liked was that funky colored sword. Don't know why, but seeing the Power Sword cast in other wild colors is just something I like.

    Roboto remains a favorite to this day, maybe because he feels almost transcendent. Like, you can add him to just about anything, and he fits in his own robotic way. Or just on his own as a neat robot toy! He's the one I want first and foremost from the new Origins line.

    1. I think you and I would have been best friends in the 80's.