Retro Spins: Voyage Of The Rock Aliens

I tried so hard to make it through this movie, but it's just so awful. Low budget B movie cheese from start to finish. The only saving grace to the film was the first five minutes, which featured the music video to the song When The Rain Begins To Fall by Pia Zadora and Jermaine Jackson.

A guitar-shaped spaceship streaks through the skies in search of the origins of rock n' roll and lands in the town of "Speelburgh," U.S.A. Led by Absid (TOM NOLAN), the alien crew (RHEMA) is just in time to play at Heidi High's school dance on Saturday night. Frankie (CRAIG SHEFFER) and his band of bullies, the Pack (JIMMY AND THE MUSTANGS), are not too eager to share the stage and a battle of the bands breaks out!

It's galactical laughter and cosmic chaos as Dee Dee (PIA ZADORA), Frankie's girlfriend, pursues a singing career with the alien rockers, Absid puruses a close encounter with Dee Dee, "Chainsaw" pursues a well-tuned tool and the sheriff (RUTH GORDON) is hot in pursuit of the musical invaders. Beam yourself aboard for the funniest, most entertaining musical comedy ever launched. - Back of the original VHS.

First off, FALSE! The most entertaining musical comedy ever launched was Morons From Outer Space. That film is a classic!

Second, much like the film, the only saving grace to the soundtrack were the first five minutes which featured the song When The Rain Begins To Fall by Pia Zadora and Jermaine Jackson.

The album is chalk full of throw away songs, and over saturated with Pia Zadora tracks. Frankly, the woman can't sing, which is surprising since she does such an amazing job on her duet with Jermaine.

If there was one reason to get this soundtrack, it would be for that song alone. I mean, look at the cover. Their photo takes up more space than the actual title. The producers knew this was the only selling point here. However, considering the rarity of this particular album, and the increased price that comes with it, as I said in my post of Ms. Zadora's solo album, there are cheaper route and better albums to find this tune on.

Having this in my collection will definitely be for nothing short of a conversation piece, as I don't see myself ever listening to it again.

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The Walking Dead (Image Comics)

The Walking Dead
Image Comics
2003 - 2019 

In 2010, you couldn't go anywhere without running into or overhearing someone talking about The Walking Dead on AMC. Not being one for watching TV all that much, I didn't even have cable at the time, I didn't pay it much attention. When the first season came to Netflix, I tried watching it. I think I made it through one and a half episodes before determining it wasn't for me.

As the years ticked by, and The Walking Dead exploded into a pop culture phenomenon, I decided I'd give it another try. It was still readily available on Netflix, but this time with an additional three or four seasons - I don't recall how far behind I was at this point.

I have to admit, it took determination on my part to rewatch the first and second episode of season one again. I remembered the majority of it, and it still didn't really keep me all that interested. However, I was set on making it further into the season before making a final decision. By the end of season one, I was hooked.

Like I had been bitten by a bug, or zombie, The Walking Dead became a sickness to me. Worst of all, my girlfriend had come down with the same thing. We wanted to know everything about the series. We started collecting autographs of the actors, first on photographs, and then on Funko Pops. We couldn't wait for the next season to air. We even bought a cable package so we could watch it in real time.

To help scratch the itch between the show's cliffhanger and premiere, I turned to the comics. That's when I found myself all the more invested. The comic was so different from the show, but honestly, in a much better way. As I read through the series, I found myself intrigued by the subtle consistencies on the pages as they got translated onto the screen. I saw different characters doing familiar things, and characters which weren't in the books become some of the most popular.

The comics soon became far more intriguing to me than the show. To the point where I stopped watching it all together. To me, I was far more interested and invested in what was happening on the pages of the books.

I don't know if I was as taken aback as others when the announcement, which seemed to have come out of nowhere, informed us all that Robert Kirkman was ending the series in July of 2019. Kirkman had long been known for quoting that the series could go on for a thousand books. While I didn't personally see me sticking around that long, I was certainly expecting it to at least go on for another five to ten years.

Still, the series wrapped up nicely, and while the adventures of certain characters won't continue should it ever be revived, because they're dead, there is still hope that a spin-off could be born down the road picking up in the future of Carl Grimes. It's possible. People do, after all, love their nostalgia. Give it ten years or so and someone will be wanting to revive the story.

Until then, let's have a fond look back at all the covers that encompassed the fifteen plus years of The Walking Dead comic book series.

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