This Is Halloween

It's my first Halloween giving out candy in a good five to ten years. It wasn't from lack of trying, but rather apartment living which was thwarting my efforts. Kids just didn't seem interested in trick or treating around my neighborhood, let alone trekking up three flights of steps to do it. Now that I'm in a townhouse, it's back to it!

Mission I: Candy

Candy is what Halloween is all about for the kids. Well, candy and costumes. Truth be told though, I think if kids could get away with just knocking on doors for candy without the costumes, they would. But, hey. If you want free candy, then amuse me in the process!

I have to be the cool house on the block, which means I have to be the guy giving out full size candy bars. I'm locked and loaded with an assortment of one hundred forty-four bars. With the average household having two children each, that gives me enough for seventy-two visits. As I do the math, I'm admittedly a little worried I may not have enough.

Considering I spent about $120.00 on candy, it's going to have to suffice. It will just have to last as long as it lasts, then the ol' porch light goes out. Regardless, I think I can check this one off the list as a success.

Mission II: Decorating

For this, I took the cheap route. I wasn't about to spend two to three hundred dollars on pumpkins which will get smashed on my stoop, or light / blow up yard props which will get used for one night, then stored away to collect dust only to be ignored the following year because it was such a pain to deal with the prior year.

Sidewalk chalk and a little imagination will suffice. If kids don't get the point from all of this, well, there's nothing I can do about that. I'll check this box as good enough.

Mission III: Entertainment

I spent a fair amount of time on this one. Initially, I was going to bring my record player downstairs and pipe out some fun Disney Halloween related records such as Trick or Treat and other Halloween Stories, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle, and last, The Nightmare Before Christmas (narrated by Christopher Lee). You know, the good stuff from my childhood and late teen years.

As I was putting this all together, it dawned on me these three records would only last about forty-five minutes. Far too short. I then thought, "Well, it's not like I couldn't just rotate them out and play them multiple times. A good idea, but I couldn't help but think it would drive my girlfriend nuts in the long run. Let's be honest. I'd be lucky if she didn't give me grief the first time around. So I switched gears, and decided to break the entertainment department up in two halves.

First, I made myself a CD to play which features a ton of great related and passable songs for Halloween. I was able to pack nineteen tracks onto this bad boy, which equates to seventy-seven minutes (and some odd seconds) of tunes.

Check out this amazing list of tracks!

The Munsters Theme - Jack Marshall 
Creatures of the Night - Kiss
I Want Candy - Bow Wow Wow
Don't Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult
A Nightmare on My Street - DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince
Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival
Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr.
The Time Warp - Cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sympathy For the Devil - Rolling Stones Guns 'N Roses
Werewolves of London - Warren Zevon
Monster Mash - Bobby Pickett
The Purple People Eater - Sheb Wooley
Somebody's Watching Me - Rockwell
The Devil Went Down to Georgia - The Charlie Daniels Band
Psycho Killer - Talking Heads
Dead Man's Party - Oingo Boingo
Runnin' With the Devil - Van Halen
Black Magic Woman - Santana
Thriller - Michael Jackson

Nice list, huh? I had a few other tracks originally planned for the CD, but time constraints ruined that. Those tracks would have been; Are You Ready For Freddie - The Fat Boys, Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) - David Bowie, Season of the Witch - Devon, This Is Halloween - Cast of The Nightmare Before Christmas and Witch Doctor - Alvin and the Chipmunks.

For the second part of the act, I picked up a cheap (a dollar) DVD of The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror. This particular disc has episodes V, VI, VII and VIII. At approximately ninety minutes, it will pretty much wrap up my Halloween. It is after all a work day tomorrow.

Mission IV: Dinner

This is probably what took me the longest to come up with. I wanted to have fun with the eats, but at the same time, I couldn't exactly spend all my time in the kitchen. Plus, who would want to? Not to mention the mess. Additionally, I didn't want a bunch of "junk food". This proved to be quite difficult as most Halloween related food I was finding online was mainly sugar or hot dog based.

I finally settled on just making some pizzas. These would be quick, easy and could also be decorated in Halloween styles. I'm going to make a taco pizza with a green backdrop of guacamole, and a spider web using sour cream. I'll add a couple spiders in with some chopped up olives, and call it a day.

It's not the greatest of ideas for dinner, but it will do.

Missions V: Successful Halloween


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Retro Spins: Fine Young Cannibals - The Raw & The Uncooked

Fine Young Cannibals
The Raw & The Uncooked

Roland Gift of The Fine Young Cannibals has a problem. His songs are either really good and his unique voice accompanies them very well or the songs are terrible and his voice grates on your nerves. Sadly, The Raw & The Uncooked, the bands second and last album from February 1989 has too many of the latter.

Many people will of course remember the band for their hits She Drives Me Crazy and Good Thing. Drives debuted on the charts back in January of '89 and helped put the band on the map when the song made its way to number one in May. Good Thing debuted this same month and it too went all the way to number one by June.

Don't Look Back would be the third single from the album to chart. Unfortunately, it would only climb to number eleven before dropping back off the charts. This was followed up by I'm Not the Man I Used to Be which debuted in November at eighty-five, but disappeared the following week.

With two number one hits, you would think people would be waiting on the edge of their seats for a follow up album. Instead, the band disbanded. Why?

Roland Gift summed the reasoning up in an interview many years later stating there was so much pressure from the studio to sell more albums. He decided to take few years off when he became a dad and quite honestly that just turned into twenty years. Okay. I respect that. Make your money, make your family and find your priority. Can't hate that.

Now back to the album. I'm not going to deter from my original statement of how good songs sound really good and terrible ones are like torture. Okay, I maybe didn't put it exactly like that, but that's the truth of it.

As for the album on the whole, out of the ten tracks I put four on my IPOD - Two of which were Good Thing and She Drives Me Crazy. The other two; I'm Not Satisfied and Ever Fallen in Love. Beyond that, many of the songs fall under the annoying status - and one I even skipped. I don't remember what that track is called at this point, but the high pitched yodeling in which Gift tackled it was killing my ears.

Overall, I don't see what everyone else apparently did in the band. They're just okay. Let's be honest though - By 1988 the "good" music of the 80's was long since winding down. So, hey, Fine Young Cannibals you get the award of being the best of the mediocre years of the 80's. Good for you.

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Star Wars: Rebels (Hasbro)

Star Wars: Rebels
2014 - 2015

It's interesting how Star Wars Rebels didn't end as an animated series until March of 2018, yet the Hasbro toy line has been defunct since 2015. Did Hasbro really have no other characters they could have produced? Because looking at the photos below there are certainly quite a few key characters missing from the lineup - Not to mention the very obvious differences in the overall look of the characters between the first and last season of the show.

What gives Hasbro? There was room to grow here.

We suppose we'll just have to file it under the unfortunate fact that Hasbro doesn't often continue multiple Star Wars lines at the same time. By 2015 / 2016 they were deeply involved with the design and production of the forthcoming Episode VII - Not to mention the Black Series was proving to be a cash cow for them.

Truth be told, it's interesting to see Hasbro even bother with 3 3/4 inch figures anymore. Many collectors have long since moved onto six inch lines as they allow for more articulation and detail. For Hasbro to continue churning out such small figures is...Well, kind of primitive in terms of the current status quo for action figures. What's worse is they have the audacity to charge upwards of $10.00 per figure.

Stormtrooper*Ezra Bridger

The Inquisitor*Kanan Jarrus

Agent Kallus*C1-10P (Chopper)*Jango Fett

One of our biggest complaints with all Star Wars lines is that they don't stay confined to their story. With the line being so limited as is, it's a shame to see precious case space taken up with figures who weren't even in the series; Jango Fett, Luke Skywalker (Jedi) and other such Prequel / Trilogy characters.

Clone Trooper*Darth Vader

Luke Skywalker*Obi-Wan Kenobi

The Snowtrooper below is the last figure from wave one. From there the photos depict wave two.

Snowtrooper*TIE Fighter Pilot*AT-DP Driver

Clone Commander Gree*Plo Koon

Jedi Temple Guard*AT-AT Driver

AT-AT Driver (shown above) rounded out wave two of the figures, and the below start wave three. Wave two would unfortunately be the last series produced to actually include any figures from the Rebels series.

Luke Skywalker [X-Wing Pilot]*Lando Calrissian [Skiff Guard]*Han Solo [Bespin]

Han Solo [Bespin] was the final wave three figure, and the below were from the final fourth wave of the series.

Luke Skywalker [Endor]*Commander Bly

Han Solo [Endor]*Princess Leia [Endor]

Hasbro produced a handful of Mission Series packs - AKA multipacks. Unfortunately for fans, this would be the only option for getting Zeb, Hera and Sabine figures from the series.

Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios and Stormtrooper*C-3PO and R2-D2
Luke Sykwalker and Darth Vader

Darth Sidious and Yoda*Boba Fett and Stormtrooper

Wulffwarro and Wookie Warrior*Sabine Wren and Stormtrooper

Cikatro Vizago and IG-RM*Wicket W. Warrick and Biker Scout
Bossk and IG-88

Luke Skywalker and Han Solo*R2-D2 and Yoda*TIE Fighter Pilot and Stormtrooper

Ezra Bridger [Cadet] and Kanan Jarrus*Stormtrooper Commander and Hera Syndula
Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker [Stormtrooper]

Reveal the Rebels: Jedi Reveal
with Kannan Jarrus, Ezra Bridger and Obi-Wan Kenobi

Hasbro flushed out the series with a handful of vehicles.

Imperial Trooper Transport*The Inquisitor's TIE Advanced Prototype
The Phantom Attack Shuttle*Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter

Boba Fett's Slave I*AD-TP
Anakin's Jedi Starfighter

Target also had a few exclusive vehicles which included figures. Sadly these were nothing more than the regular vehicles released with figures packed in.

AD-TP*The Inquisitor's TIE Advanced Prototype*The Phantom Attack Shuttle 

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VA Comic Con Was Today...

...And it sucked!

The hall for the event was spacious, but not maximized with dealer tables. I don't know if this is because they wanted to have a lot of room for people to walk around, or there was simply no interest from vendors to attend.

I paid the up charge to get the two day, early entry passes. These allowed for my girlfriend and I to enter the convention at 11:00 AM vs. noon. The only savings to come from this was an hour of my time. Mind you, this was after a two hour drive just to get there, and an anticipated two hour drive home. The only saving grace to this was my girlfriend volunteering to drive.

After walking the floor twice, once to peruse everyone's wares, and a second time out of disbelief on what I was seeing, we left. Beyond admission, I didn't drop a dime. Between quarter box worthy comics and local scalpers selling Pops, Pops and more Pops, there simply wasn't anything there. It was such a disappointment.

My girl didn't want the day to be a bummed out wash, so on the way home, we deviated about forty-five minutes out of the way to make a return visit to Toy Exchange. This is where the day got fun.

Toy Exchange not only has a great selection of vintage toys and video games, but their prices are always fair. As such, I was able to get a whole bunch of good stuff, starting with an all new batch of Joes.

(front row, left to right) Recondo*Roadblock (V1)*Crankcase*Blowtorch*Blizzard*Iceberg
(back row, left to right) Cutter*Hardball*Motor Viper*Sea Slug*Roadblock (V2)

Some of them needed new o-rings, and something awful, which has never occurred before, happened. The crotch of Recondo broke off. I used some Gorilla Glue to piece it back together, but I'll honestly end up replacing him. It shouldn't be too pricey if I'm just buying the figure with no accessories. In looking through ebay, this particular figure seems to have a common problem with the crotch breaking, as many of them have this issue.

Next up, I nabbed myself an Empire Strikes Back version of Han Solo's DL-44.

It'll go great with my Star Wars version. Two down, one to go.

There were quite a few boxed NES games there, but two of them jumped out right away from the bunch. These two came complete with their instruction booklets, Styrofoam block, and one out of two sleeves. Fortunately, I had an extra sleeve at home already.

Spy Hunter*Double Dribble

While these two games were on my list of wants, admittedly, they weren't top priorities. I only picked them up because they were $30.00 between the two of them. I would have also picked up WWF Wrestlmania, but it didn't have the instruction booklet.

Last, I picked up two more figures from the DC Super Heroes line. Toy Exchange also had Flash and Aquaman, which I don't have, but passed on. I have to rework the shelf these are on because I'm out of room, so I didn't want to come home with four of them.

Two-Face*Mr. Freeze

The two were priced at a total of $45.00. I ended up paying $15.00 for them.

These figures look so incredibly cheesy - Much like the majority of the line. I honestly don't know why I'm so invested in them. Probably because they coincide with the 1989 Batman movie line.

That wraps up another trip to Toy Exchange. Thanks to my girl, the day was salvaged from being a total disappointment.

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Painted Memories: You're The One That I Want

Please share your own thoughts, memories and stories in the comment section.

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Retro Spins: Toni Basil - Word of Mouth

Toni Basil
Word of Mouth

Remember Toni Basil? She had the hits, Mickey, Mickey and that other one....Mickey. Then disappeared into obscurity. Okay, okay, so she's a one hit wonder. No big deal. There are tons of them. Let's also be honest and fair - There are a lot of really, really and I mean really good one hit wonders songs out there. Mickey may not be the best of them, but its got it going on for itself in other categories. For starters, it's catchy. It's also memorable and an iconic play for the '80's. What more could you ask? Hey, if I could sing one song and retire to financial security I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Word of Mouth (April 1982) is one of only two albums Basil released before calling it quits. It of course featured the hit, Mickey, which debut on the charts in September of '82 and blasted off to the number one spot by December. It dropped to the number two spot where it stayed for two consecutive weeks before dropping off.

Shoppin' A to Z was the second single for Basil and while it did debut at number eighty-three in March of '82 it disappeared the follow week. This of course solidified Basil's status of a one hit wonder as her follow up self titled album failed to yield any commercial hits.

If there is one positive thing I could say of the album Word of Mouth, it's very 80's sounding. It fits in that era of 80's music which sometimes feels confused with itself. Hear me out. There are a lot of 80's tunes from 1980 - 1981 which are clearly trying to go for a new wave sound, but either the technology or true style had yet to be established resulting in the album sounding off.

I probably lost all of you in that explanation, so let's just move on.

Depending on the version of the album you buy will dictate what songs you're going to get. The US version features ten tracks, but omits Hangin' Around. The UK version, which was actually released in May of 1981, only has nine tracks. It also doesn't include the songs Rock On and Shoppin' from A to Z - Which you'll find on the US version.

Personally, I own the UK version because I actually really like the song Hangin' Around. It along with Nobody and Mickey are the only songs from the album which I actually have on my IPOD. Sadly, my full listen for Retro Spins didn't yield any other hits for me. While I've heard the versions of Rock on and Shoppin' A to Z, they're honestly not that good. As such, I'm not sure why they were inclusive of the US release and the album not simply released in the US as it originally was in the UK.

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Big Trak (AKA Bigtrak) (Milton Bradley)

Big Trak
Milton Bradley

Milton Bradley doesn't often dabble in the realm of toys. They have their niche carved out in board games and they do it well. As such, they don't necessarily have to stray far from that beaten path.

However, in 1979 they did and in a big way. The company gave the world Big Trak! The fully programmable electronic vehicle! This thing was hot, hot, hot when it first hit markets. Kids loved the concept of being able to essentially drive a remote control vehicle by way of inputting up to sixteen commands at one time on the keypad located at the top of the vehicle.

Even better, because the vehicle incorporated six wheels, it could go virtually anywhere. Simply put it down on the ground, input your choice commands, then watch it go! Keep in mind this was a big deal in the 70's. It was cutting edge technology at its finest and to make it even better it was a toy!

Though they are the exact same vehicle, there were technically two versions of the vehicle released. The black version (above) was released in the USA, while the white version (below) saw a release only in the UK.

You may also notice another slight difference between the two vehicles. The USA version is entitled Big Trak, while the UK version is Bigtrak.

Milton Bradley also produced an add on transport which could be attached to the back of your Big Track. Now not only could you program your vehicle to go anywhere, but you could also fill up the back with a bunch of action figures to take them off on an adventure.

Much like the vehicle itself, the transport came in both white and black - to match with their respective region released vehicle. Again, note the names to distinguish between the USA and UK versions.

US Version

UK Version

Big Trak remains to this day a very popular toy. These days it gets released periodically by company Zeon Limited who are the current rights holders. Unfortunately, these releases are limited to the UK with the most recent version being the 2016 Bigtrak XTR.

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Painted Memories: Halt!

Please share your own thoughts, memories and stories in the comment section.

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Retro Spins: Sheena Easton - A Private Heaven

Sheena Easton
A Private Heaven

By the 1984, Sheena Easton had her fill of the "good girl" image she was associated with. Not sure how this could be a problem for people to be known as good, but hey, to each their own. Anyway, Easton was set in her mind that she wanted to show the word she was naughty and did so via her October 1984 album, A Private Heaven.

Easton certainly got her wish. With the aid of Alexander Nevermind, AKA Prince, her hit Sugar Walls not only made it to the top ten of American music charts, but also number two on Tipper Gore's Filthy Fifteen. Yes, good girl Sheena Easton helped pave the way for the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) to strictly enforce what music children could and couldn't listen to via little black and white "Parental Advisory" stickers. Thanks, Sheena!

Okay, fine. It is a pretty darn good song. I suppose it's also more so Prince who wrote the song - Who coincidentally wrote (and / or performed) two of the top four songs on Ms. Gore's list. So perhaps it's better stated as, "Thanks Prince!" No really, I mean that. Thanks! Your contribution to '80's music is fantastic!

But, back to Ms. Easton. Ms. Naughty Naughty if you will.

The first track to actually chart from A Private Heaven was the song Strut. The track debuted in August of 1984, a full two months prior to the album's release. It made its way to the number seven spot before descending back down where it was met by Sugar Walls in December.

As mentioned above, Sugar Walls also ran up the charts to the top ten, peaking at number nine where it stayed for two consecutive weeks before dropping down and eventually off the charts. The song Swear followed suite debuting in March but disappeared the following week.

During my play through of A Private Heaven I found a fairly solid album. Of course I love Sugar Walls and Strut - I mean, come on. How can you not? However, I also found three additional great tracks; Hungry Eyes, Swear and Hard to Say It's Over - Which is a ballad of all things. For those of you keeping up with Retro Spins, you know I don't often dig on ballads.

Though I wish the other five songs on the album would have delivered as well as the five aforementioned ones, I won't hate on the album. It's pretty well rounded and overall was a good listen.

On a side note - What happened with Sheena Easton albums? Have you seen the price of her CD's as of late? A Private Heaven and her prior album Best Kept Secrets have gotten rather costly! $20.00 and up for used copies. Dang!

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Solo Contest Results!

The Solo contest is done and over, and was as big a flop as the theatrical release of the movie itself (queue rim shot). Five lucky contestants entered for a chance to win a Solo: A Star Wars Story on Blu-Ray / Digital combo pack, and the winner is..............


Spyda, you have twenty-four hours, noon EST tomorrow, to leave a comment with your e-mail address, which will not be published, to claim the prize.

The prize has been claimed.

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Kryptonite Rock (DC Comics)

Kryptonite Rock
DC Comics

What do you do when a fly by night individual becomes an instant multi-millionaire in 1975 by selling rocks to people? Naturally, sell your own.

DC Comics did just that in 1977 when they followed up Gary Dahl's unusually popular Pet Rock. However, they added a twist. If people were willing to pay hard earned money for rocks found commonly at Rosarito Beach in Mexico, then surely they would do the same for one denoted as being a Kryptonite rock from Superman's home world of Krypton. Indeed they were right.

Much like the craze of the original Pet Rock, fans of Superman were eager to pay money to own a rock painted with green glow in the dark paint.

Sadly, times have not changed much - But the price sure has. Forty-one years later people still eagerly throw their money at the chance to own a rock, paying upwards of $20.00 to $25.00 for one.

Will people ever learn? We hope not. This thing is awesome! 

If you missed my posts from this weekend, scroll down to check out my visit to The Comic Book Shop and Farpoint Toys & Collectibles

Also, check back at noon today, EST, for the Solo contest winner announcement.

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Forget Tosche Station...I'm Going To Farpoint!

For those of you who have searched the inter web as much as I have in a desperate attempt to find vintage toy stores, you may have seen or heard of Farpoint Toys & Collectibles. Though the place hasn't been opened too long, their presence online has been for a while. I've been wanting to go to their store ever since it opened, and October 13th was my chance.

I love that sign! It's so awesome!

The store itself....Well, it may not seem like much on the outside, but just like the Millennium Falcon, she may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts. Step through the doors, and like me, you may just be blown away.

You're immediately greeted by two massive displays of Transformers and G.I. Joe - All guarded by Cobra Commander himself.

Circle around the corner, and you walk into Star Wars central!

This top shelf of Star Wars figures is not for sale...Yet. The owner of the shop is putting together a full set of all of the vintage lines, and then it's being sold as one giant lot. Whew, that's going to be expensive!

This type of "structure" is actually throughout the store. There are several figures at Farpoint you'll find you can't buy individually, as they are only available as a complete set with the entire line. I understand the reasoning for this. The owner doesn't want to get stuck with a bunch of figures they can't sell after all the desirable ones have been swooped up. It's a catch 22. It limits the buying options of customers, but at the same time, it ensures you're not left with a store full of "junk".

Once again, my eyes went straight to the Millennium Falcon. I so want one of these in my collection. This wasn't the vintage one, but Farpoint had three of them...In the box.

Complete with box NES games have quickly become my new obsession. I have about fourteen games so far along with my boxed NES and Advantage controller. These games are so much fun to play! I was definitely interested in a few of the offerings in this case, but more on that later.

Farpoint had a great selection of comics, and seemed to focus only on key issues. You won't find a lot of filler stuff here.

No, that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles number one wasn't a first print - I asked, and would have bought it if it was.

Back to G.I. Joe. Sorry for going back and fourth in the pictures. I was on sensory overload in this place, and bouncing all over.

There was so much here, I couldn't take it all in on first pass.

There's two of the boxed Falcons I mentioned above (the other is behind the one in front).

I was going to thumb through these Simpson figures, but after being burned so bad on them at Tosche Station (price wise), this is a line I need to research a whole lot more before buying any further figures.

The only Voltron toy I had as a kid, and the only one I would consider picking up again.

Not going to lie, I thought about this set of Captain Power figures for a few minutes before moving on.

If I hadn't recently bought a full set of Buck Rogers figures, I probably would have ended up buying these.

I was also interested in the Mork figure in this photo. He's hanging out in the second from the bottom row (all the way on the left), and his egg is hanging out in the bottom left of the cabinet.

Finding complete Thundercats figures is proving to be quite the challenge. I would have grabbed quite a few of these if they were.

Same deal with Cops figures. Incomplete.

Even now as I look through these photos myself, I see a whole bunch of stuff I missed at first glance. Farpoint literally seems to have a little something of everything. Best of all, their prices aren't bad. One thing I walked away from the place knowing is that the owner is realistic. He knows he's not going to retire on selling one piece. He's got things priced to go, which in the long run will build up a great following of loyal customers. I know I'll be back!

For my first trip to the store, I didn't get everything I wanted, that wasn't possible, but I did get quite a bit.

 (Left to Right, Front to Back) Scotty*Spock*Kirk*Llia*Bones*Decker

I didn't want to have to buy all six figures from the line, but as I mentioned above, the owner sells certain things in sets. He had a sixty dollar price tag on them, but ended up dropping it down to forty because of all the other stuff I bought. I don't know if I'll hang on to Llia or Decker, but for now, I have a Kirk and Scotty in my trade pile.

 Snow Job*Crystal Ball*Wet-Suit*Dial Tone*Storm Shadow (V2)*Low-Light

Yup, more Joes...and one Cobra figure. There are only six more Cobra figures I want, and about twenty-nine Joes.

I was all over these boxed / complete versions of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Castlevania II: Simon's Quest for the NES. I would have bought Ghost 'N Goblins too, but it was missing the instruction book.

Then there was the final purchase. The piece de resistance if you will.

You know where this is going...

As I mentioned above, the owner had three Millennium Falcons in the box, and all of them were very reasonably priced. However, as many of you know, usually, boxes and cardbacks (for me) end up in the trash. I have no use for them (generally).

I asked the guy what the price would be if I gave him back the box. He was hesitant at first, and truth be told, I probably would have bought one anyway. However, he ended up dropping 1/4 of the price off for keeping the box. SOLD!!!!!!

She's a beauty, and she's finally mine!

There was so much more at this store I could have grabbed to take home, but moderation had to set in at some point...I know, right, this is moderation? Bottom line was, I couldn't buy EVERYTHING.

This was a great day for toys! Now I just have to deal with that other aspect of collector woes....Where am I going to put all of this?

If you missed it, scroll down and check out my post from this morning when I visited The Comic Book Shop!

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