Comics Corner: Marvel Team-Up 20


Title: Marvel Team-Up
Issue Number: 20
Release Date: April 1974


  • Black Panther helps Spider-Man create a new, and stronger web fluid
Low Points
  • Throw away story that was unnecessarily spread across two issues.
  • Mary Jane crosses a police barricade looking for Peter Parker in the middle of a dinosaur battle
  • After being told his condition is irreversible, Stegron just runs away from the battle - He never said anything throughout the entire story about caring or wanting to turn human again, so why the sudden withdrawal from the fight?
Rating (based on a 1 through 5 Stans grading system)

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Retro Spins: Thin Lizzy - Thunder And Lightning

The Boys Are Back In Town. It's probably the only song most people know from Thin Lizzy. I would wager that if you took those people who knew the song, only half of them would know who sang it. Downer.

I suppose I can't really profess to be all the more in the know than most. While I knew the song, my formal introduction to the band didn't occur until I did a search for, "The Greatest Live Albums Of All Time". Regardless of the link I clicked, Thin Lizzy's Live And Dangerous seemed to always pop up. Because of this, I did the only thing I could think to do. I went and listened to it. While I'd love to tell you all about it, this post is not about that particular album. Rather, it's about the search I went on once I heard it.

Specifically, it was to another live show, Thin Lizzy In Concert, UK 1983. It's here that I heard several tracks which lead me to their studio versions from Thunder And Lightning. Which leads us to today's Retro Spin.

Admittedly, the live versions feel a bit more appealing than their polished studio versions. This felt odd to me, because I'm not particularly a fan of live albums. I suppose it could be that my first exposure to them was live, and therefore, that was my impression of how the songs should sound. I don't know.

Stand out tracks for me were definitely This Is The One and Holy War. As for the rest of it, it's not a terrible album. It's sort of okay, which makes it a little unmemorable. Overall, it's not an album I feel all that enriched by owning and listening to. Like I (somewhat) said above, I think the live versions were better.

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Big Lick NOVA 2023! Part VI: Jim Shooter Part III - Marvel Team-Up


Welcome back to my continued trip through Big Lick NOVA 2023! Today, we're heading back to Jim Shooter's table!

During his tenure at Marvel, Mr. Shooter oversaw the publication of every single book that went out the door. As such, he had his hand in thousands of issues from 1978 to 1987. My personal favorites being the various series which featured Spider-Man.

My initial plan was to focus on key books, and then hope to no end that Mr. Shooter would return in the following years to Big Lick to eventually get everything signed. However, if you've been keeping up with this series of posts, you may remember that Christmas came early when he said he would sign all of them during his 2023 visit.

Let me put this into direct perspective. Jim Shooter signed 508 books in total for me, plus two CD sets, and one action figure. All with a smile, all while telling stories, and all for free. The man is a legend in the industry, and a true gentleman to fans!

These are the issues of Marvel Team-Up that he signed for me!

Also signed by Chris Claremont
when I met him at Galaxycon 2023!

Mary Jane Watson as Red Sonja

Death of Satana

First team-up of Guardians of the
Galaxy and Spider-Man

1st appearance of the fourth Mr. Fear,
Alan Fagan

1st appearance of Dansen Macabre, a
woman whose mystical dance can
hypnotize and even kill those who

1st appearance of Bobbi Morse as
Mockingbird, and  Hidden Message:
interior panel of a vehicle in an
airport parking lot with a
vanity plate that reads FUQU

Origin of Black Panther and Storm, how
they first met, and 1st appearance of
Karma, a mutant who can possess
another's mind

2nd full appearance of Taskmaster

First meeting and battle of Spider-Man
versus She-Hulk

1st appearance of Professor Power

1st appearance of Frog-Man, Eugene
Patilio, son of Leap Frog who
initially uses his father's code name

1st appearance of White Rabbit

1st appearance of Golden Oldie,
Aunt May as a Herald of Galactus
in a dream Peter is having where
she and Franklin Richards search
the Universe for a Twinkie big
enough to feed Galactus, a Hostess

Also signed by Rick Leonardi that same day!

There were also quite a few Annuals which he oversaw.

First meeting and team-up of Moon
Knight and Daredevil, Luke Cage,
Iron Fist

1st appearance of Atra, an alchemist
who created the powerful black
magic relic, The Serpent Crown, and
1st appearance of Phraug, emperor of
the Deviant Empire, Lemuria

There is so much more to come, in terms of comics which Mr. Shooter signed for me. We just looked at Marvel Team-Up, saw The Amazing Spider-Man a couple weeks ago, and we have two more series, plus several miscellaneous books to look at. However, for today, that wraps up my ongoing first day at Big Lick NOVA 2023...

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