Order Of Battle: Spider-Man One-Shots And Promotional Comic Books


Due to the increasing size of my comic book collection, I have found it necessary to not only break them up by title, but for some of the larger series, by groups. This will be an ongoing post of my Marvel published Spider-Man One-Shots and Promotional titles, as I obtain them. All photos are actual scans.

The Amazing Spider-Man & Captain American In Dr. Doom's Revenge

The Amazing Spider-Man: Adventures In Reading [Giant Foods Promotion]

The Amazing Spider-Man
Free Comic Book Day 2007
The Amazing Spider-Man: Parallel Lives

The Amazing Spider-Man: Soul Of The Hunter

The Amazing Spider-Man: Swing Shift

The Amazing Spider-Man Vs. The Prodigy!

Batman & Spider-Man

The Legacy Of Spider-Man

Prime 1A

Prime 1B

Spider-Boy 1

Spider-Boy Team-Up 1

Spider-Man: Dead Man's Hand

Spider-Man Free Comic Book Day 2020

Spider-Man: Legacy Of Evil

Spider-Man Special Edition: The Trial Of Venom

Spider-Man: The Clone Journal

Spider-Man: The Jackal Files

Spider-Man: The Osborn Journal

Spider-Man: The Parker Years

Spider-Man: The Venom Agenda

Spider-Man 2099 Meets Spider-Man

Spider-Man 2099 Special

Spider-Man And Batman

Spider-Man And Daredevil

Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends

Spider-Man And Power Pack

Spider-Man And Power Pack (2nd Copy)

Spider-Man And Power Pack (3rd Copy)

Spider-Man / Badrock (1A)

Spider-Man / Badrock (1B)

Spider-Man / Dr. Strange: The Way To Dusty Death

Spider-Man / Gen 13

Spider-Man Holiday Special 1995

Spider-Man / Punisher / Sabretooth: Designer Genes

Spider-Man Unmasked

Spider-Man Versus Wolverine

Spider-Man Vs. Dracula

Spider-Man, Fire-Star And Iceman

Spider-Man, Storm And Power Man

Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America And Spider Woman

Symbiote Spider-Man

Symbiote Spider-Man: Alien Reality

Ultimate Spider-Man Premiere Comic

Ultraforce / Spider-Man (1A)

Ultraforce / Spider-Man (1B)

Untold Tales Of Spider-Man: Strange Encounters

Wolverine Versus Spider-Man
Work In Progress
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  1. I get Electric Company flashbacks ripe with 70s funk guitar riffs everytime I view your Order of Battle Spiderman posts.