May 2009 Recap

Below is a recap of all the post we've covered in May 2009. If you missed any, or simply want to see them again, click on each "title" to be taken directly to that post. As always, thanks for reading.


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Bravestarr (Mattel)


BraveStarr was a space Western animated television series that was created by Donald Kushner and Peter Locke. The original episodes aired from September 1987 to February 1988 in syndication.

However, in 1986, a year before the TV series premiered, Mattel released an action figure line based on the Filmation cartoon series. These figures were large for the time at nearly 8 inches tall and came in a windowed box with artwork at the top. Each figure had a unique action feature and was packaged with several accessories, as well as one or more Kerium nuggets.

The only eight figures produced in the series were; Col. Borobot, Deputy Fuzz, Handle Bar, Marshall Bravestarr, Outlaw Skuzz, Sand Storm, Tex Hex, and Thunder Stick. A second series was slated for release, but was cancelled shortly after the animated series was taken off the air from lack of public interest.

A few vehicles and playsets made their way to store shelves with the first and only series of figures. They included; Skull Walker, Thirty Thirty (who was technically a character), Stratacoach and Fort Kerium.

The Heroic Laser Fire Backpack and Evil Laser Fire Backpack which were released with the Marshall Bravestarr and Tex Hex figures were also packaged individually and sold as accessories. A two pack of the two figures was also released.

Sadly, not too many people remember the show itself, but truth be told, it wasn't all that bad. It just couldn't compete with the stronger cartoons that were running such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, He-Man, ThunderC.A.T.S., G.I. Joe, and Transformers. Still for those who enjoy it, it is a true treasure of their childhood memories.

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Silverhawks (Kenner)


Silverhawks was an animated television series which began in the fall of 1986. In the story, the 26th century galaxy of Limbo is under attack by MonStar, free after 100 years of imprisonment. Five volunteers from earth undergo a transformation to become part metal, part human and travel to the Limbo galaxy to battle MonStar and his allies.

To coincide with the series, Kenner produced numerous toys. The figures themselves all had an action feature, with the heroes having a wing "snapping" action when you pressed the legs together. The figures were made of plastic chrome which was very susceptible to wear. Each figure came packaged with a companion bird.

The first series of toys hit shelves in 1987 with the following figures; Copper Kid with May Day, Quicksilver with Tally-Hawk, Steelwill with Stronghold, Steelheart with Rayzor, Bluegrass with Sideman, Hotwing with Gyro, Stargazer with Sly-Bird, Flashback with Backlash, MonStar with Sky-Shadow, Mo-Lec-U-Lar with Volt-Ure, Mumbo-Jumbo with Airshock, and Buzz-Saw with Shredator.

In 1988 a second series was released which included; Condor with Jet Stream, Windhammer with Tuning Fork, Moon Stryker with Tail-Spin, Hardware with Prowler, Steelwill Ultrasonic Suit, Bluegrass Ultrasonic Suit, and Quicksilver Ultrasonic Suit.

The second series of figures are generally harder to find than the first, with Ultrasonic Quicksilver being the most difficult to locate.

Unfortunately the majority of figures being sold on secondary markets are opened, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find mint on card ones. Because of this, one carded figure can fetch several hundreds of dollars.

Throughout the series, six vehicles were produced. They were; Tally-Hawk, Stronghold, Sky-Shadow, Maraj, Sprint Hawk, and Sky-Runner.

From the first series of Silverhawks vehicles, the Maraj can be tough to come across unbroken and complete with its missiles. The second series vehicles, Sprint Hawk and Sky-Runner are also tough to come across, especially complete with their missiles.

The toy line of Silverhawks is considered as short lived as the cartoon series was(which never really took off in the U.S.). While there are legions of dedicated fans whom stand behind both of them, it unfortunately wasn't enough during the 80's to keep the series alive. Fortunately for those fans they will always have their cherished memories and collections to remind them, and after all, whether a series is popular or tanks, all we really have in the end are our memories, and that, for the most part, is all we really need to be happy.

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