Retro Spins: The B-52's - The B-52's


Though it wouldn't be until the 80's that "New Wave" would become a popular term for music, the concept of this musical category was around as early as the 70's, and The B-52's, while debuting in 1979, fell among that classification. But what exactly is New Wave?

Truth be told, it was a category created to be a catch all for music that didn't necessarily fall into one. The "New Wave" term is regarded as so loose and wide-ranging as to be "virtually meaningless", according to the New Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock. For me, it simply means music that was unique, or sometimes cutting edge in terms of shaping a generation.

The B-52's definitely fall into the definition of the word unique. They sounded different, they were kind of weird, were they a joke? Or were they being serious? Who knows. Kitschy in all manners of the word. They were the kind of music teens could relate to, but light enough that even your mom would listen to them.

Their self titled debut, though mildly successful at the time, would ultimately serve as the ground work for their future success, boosted all the more by consistent rotation on MTV. However, what I myself found myself feeling with their album was a sense of uniqueness and fun that soon wore thin, bordering on annoying. The music wears thin fast.

I personally bought this album for Rock Lobster, and really, that's all I walked away with. Mind you, even that's not a song I would actively throw on just to hear. But if you caught me in the right mood of a random shuffle, I may or may not skip it.

They remind me a lot of Weird Al Yankovic, which is odd, because they certainly aren't a parody band. Still, this definitely the vibe I get from them. Not a bad thing, but not something I necessarily would want to hear everyday. I don't think I would go to any great lengths, or necessarily have any interest in tracking down any other albums. Well, beyond their 1989 Cosmic Thing Album (for Love Shack and Roam), which I already have.

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Froot Loops Peeps


Easter is right around the corner, and it's always a holiday I've enjoyed. I mean, candy. Yes, there is obviously a greater meaning to the day for me, the resurrection of my Lord and Savior. But in terms of the commercial aspects of it, I've always enjoyed the array of candies that are available this particular time of year.

Though there are the tried and true styles, such as the hollow chocolate bunny, the Cadbury Cream Eggs and of course, jelly beans, what I have always been the fondest of are new or one off unique items which seem to be limited to the year they are introduced. 2021 brings us such an item, or at least I think it is new as of this year.

While perusing my local Target, I came across a Froot Loops Peeps! Now, if you don't know this about me already, I love me some marshmallow based treats. Especially when they have chocolate on them. Mmm. Delicious.

The aspect that stands out about these Peeps is their bright and vibrant colors. Very Froot Loopish.

Rotating it around to its side, we see the joint venture advertising logo. It's a shame that something a little more creative couldn't have been incorporated here where Toucan Sam was actually interacting with the Peeps versus just hovering above a giant one.

I'll spare you the back, which essentially just tells you how much faster you're going to die if you eat these.

Popping them out of the bag / box, the scent of Froot Loops fills the immediate air around it. Not overpowering, but definitely noticeable. For those of you familiar with the breakfast cereal, you know the smell, and it is very much so present.

Taste wise, the green and blue birds are on point. They taste exactly like the cereal. However, the red one suffers from the all to common ailment of red dye. It's harsh, almost bitter, overtaking any other flavor, including the marshmallow. Orange suffers the most. It's neither Froot Loopy nor dye flavored. Instead, it tastes like a regular Peep.

The texture is what you'd expect from a Peep treat. It's got a somewhat crunchy exterior from the sugar surrounding it, and nice soft interior from the puffy marshmallow. If you want every inch of it, you're going to have to work for it a bit, as there is a bit of remnants that are tacked to the stick spearing them.

Overall, if you're a fan of Peeps and Froot Loops, you're probably going to like this. I know I did. The red bird could use some toning down in the harsh department, and the orange needs to work on its flavor game, but despite these flaws, I wasn't overly disappointed. I would definitely grab this again if I saw it.

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Retro Spins: Sly Fox - Let's Go All The Way

Joom Joom Zininini Joom Joom...

Fans of 80's music remember Sly Fox for their ten ten hit, Let's Go All The Way, while fans of video games recognize the aforementioned song from the launch trailer of Grand Theft Auto V. Perhaps if you're a fan of both, such as I am, you not only recognize it from the 80's, and got a little excited when you heard it for the launch trailer.

Sly Fox came and went in the blink of an eye in 1985 with their album, which also happens to be titled, Let's Go All The Way. The duo consisted of Gary "Mudbone" Cooper and Michael Camacho, and were presented as a wholesome, clean-living pair of idols. An image which clearly didn't work one way or the other for them. 

Let's Go All The Way has been on my list of wants for quite some time, but with CD copies being few and far between, and none to cheap, I finally settled on picking a copy on vinyl. However, I'm still keeping the CD on the back burner of one I'd like to grab if the opportunity presents itself.

After that (what seems like a) long wait of purchasing online and delivery, I was finally able to get my first taste of this full album. With Let's Go All The Way blasting out of the gate as track one, the bar got set pretty darn high right off the bat. Sadly, like a balloon farting across the room as it deflates rapidly, so to did this album.

The remaining seven tracks just don't have the punch behind them that Let's Go All The Way, the song, has. In fact, they're pretty awful. As if this track was written by someone completely different from the person who wrote the remaining songs - Despite the album liner notes crediting "Mudbone" to it.

Seriously, what happened here? How are you going to have a top ten hit, and then follow it up with seven tracks in a row of barely listenable songs? It was really, really bad. So bad, I just don't even know what to say at this point. I actually ended up turning it off after listening to a few seconds of each song because I just couldn't take it anymore.

Not only did listening to this album make me no longer want the CD, but it also dampened my enjoyment of the song which put them on my radar to begin with. I just can't believe it could be associated to these two.

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Butch And Sundance, The Early Days (Kenner)

Butch And Sundance The Early Days

This post is special to me. Not because I have a love for Butch and Sundance, The Early Days. Quite the opposite. Until I finally put this post together, I honestly didn't know anything about it. No, instead, what makes it important is that it has taken me years to put this one together. I've started and stopped so many times because these toys have proven to be so elusive. It was an incredibly rewarding feeling to finally cross this one off my list.

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Order Of Battle: The Amazing Spider-Man Comic Books 1 - 99

Due to the increasing size of my comic book collection, I have found it necessary to not only break them up by title, but for some of the larger series, by groups. This will be an ongoing post of my Marvel published The Amazing Spider-Man comic books issues 1 through 99, as I obtain them. All photos are actual scans.

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 15

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 20

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 25

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 26

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 27

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 28

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 29

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 31

The Amazing Spider-Man 32

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 33

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 34

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 39

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 40

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 41

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 42

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 43

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 46

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 50

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 51

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 52

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 56

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 59

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 61

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 62

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 68

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 70

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 73

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 75

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 78

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 79

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 80

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 83

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 85

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 86

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 87

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 88

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 89

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 90

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 91

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 92

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 93

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 94

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 95

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 96

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 97

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 98

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 99

This post continues with issues 100 - 199.
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