Retro Spins: Bow Wow Wow - The Last Of The Mohicans

Bow Wow Wow's Last of the Mohicans is technically an EP, and not a full fledged album. With just four songs, and a short run time of twelve minutes forty seconds, it's just enough to give you a taste of candy from the punk quartet.

The album is raw and sharp with a strong punk sound. Considering it featured three of The Ants, formerly known from Adam And The Ants of the infamous rocker, Adam Ant, it was no surprise for the sound of the EP to hit so hard.

The biggest disappointment with it all is just as you're getting into it, the EP ends. All four tracks are solid, and a no brainer introduction to why the band suddenly launched into success around the world. Their video for I Want Candy certainly did nothing short of helping fuel their popularity.

It features the tracks, I Want Candy, Cowboy, Louis Quatorze and Mile High Club. I Want Candy is definitely the stand out track from the album, in terms of "hits", but the remaining three songs are equally as good.

With pretty much instant success, RCA quickly capitalized on the opportunity by way of releasing I Want Candy, a full fledged, if not compilation, album. I say compilation because the first side of the record was nothing short of the full EP plus one additional song, Baby, Oh No. Meanwhile, the second side contained select tracks from the band's prior RCA album, "See Jungle! See Jungle! Go Join Your Gang Yeah, City All Over! Go Ape Crazy!" Yeah, no joke. All of that gibberish was the album title.

To bad the band cut their own success short. They released a second album, When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going, in 1983. They then followed this up with a tour. However, shortly afterwards, they randomly fired lead singer, Annabella Lwin, who found out she had been unceremoniously fired from the band by reading a copy of NME. The remaining members went on to form a new group.

Still, for that short moment in time, Bow Wow Wow was a thing. A popular thing. A good thing. If you're into punk, or obscure 80's music, you may want to consider grabbing this one. Just know, it's only available on record, if you want the actual album itself. Otherwise, look to the compilation I Want Candy for a CD version.

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Boyz In The Hoods



I thought they would look great. I didn't expect them to look AMAZING!

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Springbok Hit Parade (Springbok)


Springbok Hit Parade
1970 - 1987

I've said this a few times on my site. One of the perks of growing up overseas was the exposure to music one wouldn't necessarily hear on US shores. As such, we not only got the great music of the states, but also that of South Africa, the UK and those artists across the globe who found popularity in those countries, but never America.

One such source for this was the periodic release of Springbok's Hit Parade albums. These featured what one could essentially categorize as the Weekly Top Forty, but for music across the globe. However, there was a twist to this, that at the time my siblings and I were not aware of. Many of the songs were cover versions, and in some cases, didn't have the same lyrics. Despite this, the music was solid, and laid the foundation of my love for pop music of the late 70's and 80's.

Starting with volume twenty-six, Springbok switched from drawn covers to utilizing girls for each cover. It was a transition that proved popular with male record buyers.

We never had all the albums growing up. In fact, my brother and I didn't have any of them. They belonged to our sister. Instead, as I review these covers, which were taken from Springbok Hits, it looks like her collection started around number forty. I distinctly remember that cover...How could I forget?

We spent hours playing in our "play room" in Bangladesh, listening to these records. It was here that we not only disappeared into our imaginations as we played with toys or games, but also while we listed to the tunes that were shaping our young minds. I have wonderful memories of these days.

Though this post showcases all the covers, and really focuses on my own personal memories of listening to the albums, I highly recommend you head over to Springbok Hits. This site not only features larger photos of each cover, but also a complete track listing with an attempt to note the original and / or known artist. Not only that, but even more records released by Springbok. Check it out!

I would love to track down a complete set of these vinyls for my own personal collection. Well, I'd rather track them down on CD, but those unfortunately don't exist. Until then, I'll have to settle for the recreation of them that I've made based on the CD's I own.

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Birthday Presents, Take Two


If you recall my original birthday outing post, I mentioned that my girl was a bit upset that day because the gifts she had purchased for me turned into a bit of a debacle. To summarize, one she accidentally threw away. The other didn't arrive on time.

Well, she wasn't willing to let this go, and today she gave me a whole bunch of presents to have a second birthday. A redo, if you will. 

Pulling the tissue paper out of the bag, I was treated with multiple colored deliciousness.

I'm a big fan of popcorn, and I'm a bigger fan of marshmallow. Put them together, and "pook" mind blown. These look fantastic!

Next up was a padded envelope filled to the brim with packing peanuts. Burred within them were three little baggies. Each containing one of these.

These are 3D printed and hand painted heads for the G.I. Joe Classified Cobra Commander, Regal Variant Cobra Commander and Snake Supreme Cobra Commander. These were something I took a keen interest in when I heard news that Hasbro may not release hooded versions because apparently that's problematic to triggered America.

The seller did an amazing job on these. Check out all the fine points of detail.

I may have to unbox a second version of each and put these new heads in place of the originals. Hopefully they fit as nicely as they look.

Next up was another padded envelope that held within an album that I've wanted for a long time.

The Vapors' New Clear Days is noteworthy for featuring the tune, Turning Japanese. Can you believe it was only availabel on vinyl and cassette until the 2000 Captain Mod Records release? I kept looking at this one for a few years, but kept passing on it because it wasn't cheap. It's not bank breaking costly, but CD wise, it's pretty expensive for what you get. I'm so happy to finally be able to check this one off of my list.

Last up was a white box which hid two awesome Nintendo Entertainment Systems cartridges I've been itching to scratch off my want list. 

It's a bit baffling to think someone not only had the boxes for these games, but that they were in such great condition. Yet, they still opted to cut them with scissors and glue them to these hard cases. Very odd from a collector's perspective.

Though I suppose I really shouldn't say anything. Truth be told, I just want the games. The cases, and I hate to say this out loud, are going to go in the trash. I don't want them.

All this stuff was really awesome to receive, and dare I say, worth the wait. Plus, I got a second birthday out of it. How many times do you get those?

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