Thanks, Mommy!


Despite how old I get, my mom is always there to treat me like her little boy on my birthday!

She still knows what I like.

The discs on the left and right encompass the entire sixty-five episode series of SilverHawks. Unfortunately, while the set in the middle has over one hundred episodes of The Real Ghostbusters, it's missing about thirty of them to complete the series. Oh well, there's plenty of content packed within it to keep me busy. Time Life did release the full series on DVD back in 2008, but I'm not paying the $400.00+ it goes for these days.

Now, if you think that's great, I have to tell you, she also bought me an electric drum set about a month ago, telling me to order it from Amazon for my birthday. I don't know what happened to make her feel so generous this year, but wow!

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  1. Nice drum set. Have you tried it yet? Has that been a lifelong dream?

    1. I've had numerous sets over the years. I retired my last after it sat in my closet for years during my apartment years. Been playing for a long time.