Birthday Presents, Take Two


If you recall my original birthday outing post, I mentioned that my girl was a bit upset that day because the gifts she had purchased for me turned into a bit of a debacle. To summarize, one she accidentally threw away. The other didn't arrive on time.

Well, she wasn't willing to let this go, and today she gave me a whole bunch of presents to have a second birthday. A redo, if you will. 

Pulling the tissue paper out of the bag, I was treated with multiple colored deliciousness.

I'm a big fan of popcorn, and I'm a bigger fan of marshmallow. Put them together, and "pook" mind blown. These look fantastic!

Next up was a padded envelope filled to the brim with packing peanuts. Burred within them were three little baggies. Each containing one of these.

These are 3D printed and hand painted heads for the G.I. Joe Classified Cobra Commander, Regal Variant Cobra Commander and Snake Supreme Cobra Commander. These were something I took a keen interest in when I heard news that Hasbro may not release hooded versions because apparently that's problematic to triggered America.

The seller did an amazing job on these. Check out all the fine points of detail.

I may have to unbox a second version of each and put these new heads in place of the originals. Hopefully they fit as nicely as they look.

Next up was another padded envelope that held within an album that I've wanted for a long time.

The Vapors' New Clear Days is noteworthy for featuring the tune, Turning Japanese. Can you believe it was only availabel on vinyl and cassette until the 2000 Captain Mod Records release? I kept looking at this one for a few years, but kept passing on it because it wasn't cheap. It's not bank breaking costly, but CD wise, it's pretty expensive for what you get. I'm so happy to finally be able to check this one off of my list.

Last up was a white box which hid two awesome Nintendo Entertainment Systems cartridges I've been itching to scratch off my want list. 

It's a bit baffling to think someone not only had the boxes for these games, but that they were in such great condition. Yet, they still opted to cut them with scissors and glue them to these hard cases. Very odd from a collector's perspective.

Though I suppose I really shouldn't say anything. Truth be told, I just want the games. The cases, and I hate to say this out loud, are going to go in the trash. I don't want them.

All this stuff was really awesome to receive, and dare I say, worth the wait. Plus, I got a second birthday out of it. How many times do you get those?

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  1. Those CC heads look amazing!

    I still have all my Star Wars NES/SNES boxes/games but that's the SW collector in me :D

    1. The guy who made them did a great job. I really like them too.

      If I were still collecting boxed NES games, those probably would have ended up being among my collection at some point. But I'll definitely suffice to have these loose playable ones.

  2. Those Cobra Commander heads are outfreakinstanding!

    1. I really hope Hasbro makes hooded version, but if they don't, these certainly will do.