Michael Jackson Time Traveler


Michael Jackson is known for many things. Singing. Dancing. Neverland Ranch, his massive amounts of awards, and more. However, one of the things that many people forget about him was his ability to manipulate space and time to become the first time traveler.

It could be argued that the only reason the gloved one was so popular was due to his ability to return to the past. Rumor has it, he would create music, but then test it on the public. If it failed, he would return to his moment from the past, conduct excessive rewrites, ultimately dwindling down what would be subpar music to masterpieces. It's said that this is how he ultimately created his three most popular albums, which just so happened to be released consecutively, Off The Wall, Thriller, and Bad.

However, pride comes before the fall, and Michael's ego would ultimately become his own downfall.

Upon returning to 1979, Michael casually posed for a selfie utilizing his brand new flip phone. However, unbeknownst to him, a young and up and coming photographer named Michael Salisbury, would snap a picture of The King Of Pop right at this very moment. You can see in the face of the young singer his rage filled eyes from having been found out.

Historians place Michael's original point of time travel as 2002, the year flip phones, as seen in his right hand, were released with cameras for personal photography

It is speculated that Mr. Salisbury may have attempted to flee from Jackson, hiding the film while making his escape. However, the past would resurface in 2001. Epic Records would release a special edition of Off The Wall, and in doing so, use photos from a roll of film which was discovered in an abandoned warehouse.  The photographer's name was scribbled across the canister, as if written while moving at a rapid pace with shaking hands. When questioned about the images, a reluctant Salisbury only stated, "Shamone," an interesting and curious statement indeed.

With his ability to time travel seemingly discovered, police now believe that Michael Jackson may have also had something to do with the sudden disappearance and replacement of Beatles bassist, Paul McCartney, who allegedly died in a 1966 fatal car crash. They speculate that Michael and Paul's relationship came to a head in 1985 upon Jackson purchasing the publishing rights to the former Fab Four's catalog. Rather than go through lengthy legal battles with his once colleague and friend, Michael would instead return to the past, right at the pinnacle of Beatlemania, to dispose of and replace McCartney with a more subservient replica.

The facts surrounding these allegations are intriguing, and it will be interested to see how they play out as more details surface. But, as first President, George Washington was fond of saying, "Don't believe everything you read on the internet."

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