Retro Spins: The Cars - Heartbeat City

The Cars are another one of the many bands I have a lot of CD's for, but never really took the time to dig deep into. As is the case of many instances such as this, I'm familiar with the greatest hits compilations or radio plays, but not necessarily the heart and soul of the group. Let me start changing that with today's Retro Spin.

The album starts with my all time favorite track from the band, Hello Again and from there gave me quite the surprise when Looking For Love started. I immediately recognized the music, but couldn't place why. Then it dawned on me. I knew this song from Falco's album, 3, where he covered it as Munich Girls (Looking For Love). While I honestly prefer the Falco version, I don't hate The Car's original take. Mind you, it's not a "new" track from them for me. I just forgot they sang it.

Heartbeat City continues to hit hard with the next two tracks, Magic, another of my all time favorites from the band, and Drive. At this point, I found myself saying, "If I knew this album was this good, I would have bought and listened to it a long time ago."

Fantastic tracks didn't stop coming with You Might Think and Hearbeat City. While there were no more "hits" beyond this, the remaining tracks didn't necessarily disappoint. They were good, fit well with the other tracks that came before and after them, and overall helped to round out the album nicely.

Yes, yes, yes. I absolutely want to hear more from The Cars. Fortunately, since I own their entire discography already, this opportunity readily presents itself.

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