BJ And The Bear (Fleetwood)

BJ And The Bear

You want to know what I know about BJ and the Bear? Absolutely nothing! I've never seen the show. Never heard of it until coming across these toys from Fleetwood, and decided to post them for the sake of posting something unique.

Fleetwood appears to have released three different packs. The first was a scale model of the Kenworth Coe Aerodyne, which I'm assuming is the duo's ride of choice.

Fleetwood followed this up with a scale model of the Kenworth Coe Aerodyne with trailer. Kind of makes the above vehicle kind of useless in hindsight.

Last, they produced a three pack of miniature Mechanic Tools. I'm admittedly perplexed at the wood saw. I'm not sure what that has to do with eighteen wheel truck repairs.

I don't personally have any want or desire for these particular toys, but my love of archiving all things toy related makes these a must have article for the site.

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  1. I have never heard of this, either! It was a few years before my time it seem. Looking at it, it was part of the 1970s CB/ trucking craze. I'm familiar with a lot of the other stuff in that genre but not this. And yeah, that tool set cracks me up. I still remember sets like that in the mid 1980s that seemed so random. I've heard people call those rack toys because they typically hung on spinning racks and such at drug stores and smaller 5 and dime stores.

    1. Yeah, this is definitely the kind of stuff the "toy isle" at grocery stores would have back in the day. Wasn't it the worst when that one kid bought this kind of stuff for your birthday?