Super Bit Video Games - A Rare Gem In The Heart Of Falls Church, Virginia

For those of you who read my birthday post, you may recall one of my disappointments for the day was not going anywhere. While I first pinned this on the pandemic, as I sat around, I had to admit that there really was no reason I couldn't have gone somewhere for the day. Yeah, sure the pandemic is still a thing, but places are open. Not going anywhere was really no fault but my own.

Today, I decided to rectify this. I recalled passing a store one day as I was out and about, and I told myself I would eventually work my way over there. Well, today seemed like as good a day as any to do so. With directions in hand, I made my way across the map to Super Bit Video Games in Falls Church, Virginia.

While it may seem inconvenient to have such a store located on the corner of a busy intersection, there was actually ample parking in the back, and it was incredibly easy to find a space in the all but empty lot.

As I entered, I was greeted by employee, Chris, who gave me permission to take photos. Remember kids, always ask before you start clicking away at the snapshots.

Super Bit Video Games didn't necessarily have a big selection, as compared to other video game stores I've been in, but what the did have was quality. Some of the big guns were here, such as, Final Fantasy VII (Playstation), The Legend Of Zelda (NES), Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat II (Sega Genesis) and Actraiser (Super Nintendo), just to name a few.

But, don't take my word for it. Have look for yourself via all the wonderful photos I got. Sorry for the glare on some of them.

Naturally, since I made the trek to the store, I wasn't going to leave empty handed. I decided I would pick up a few things as I perused and took photos.

While I'm not an avid gum chewer, nor a baseball fan, I always enjoy picking up a pouch of Big League Chew when I see it. Something about it just screams nostalgia to me. Plus, it's kind of tasty. Granted, the flavor doesn't last very long.

Next up was a title I flip flopped on before finally taking the plunge at the last minute. Final Fantasy VII has been a game I've wanted to own (for the third time) for some time. I don't know why. I don't own an original Playstation, nor do I have any intentions of buying one. Essentially, the game does me no good. But, I had to have it for some reason.

Which reminds me, I need to finish my playthrough via Xbox Live.

I also grabbed a couple loose NES cartridges for my play / loose collection.

Renegade was one of my favorite arcade titles to play, but a horrible port to the Nintendo Entertainment System. Still, I look forward to grabbing my 8-bit nunchaku and going to town on some gangs.

Pac-Man, on the other hand,  was simply a must have classic. I'm not very good at it, but I always liked giving it a go when I had a few minutes - Because that's literally as long as I survived against the ghosts.

Last up, I picked out a couple complete in box games for my boxed collection. Though Nintendo games, in general, have taken a back seat in my collection, I do still whittle away at my list here and there. For those of you who don't recall, I'm working on not only getting some classics I never had as a kid, but also recreating what I did.

The Adventures of Bayou Billy and Tecmo Bowl represent a title from both of those categories. The first was a game that I not only had, but played quite often. I always enjoyed the mix of play from side scrolling action to the light gun, on the rails, mechanics. The latter, I never owned, but is a classic football game.

From there, I made the mistake of looking for a particular store I knew I was in the vicinity of. Finding out that it was literally right around the corner, I headed there next. Tune in tomorrow for that visit.

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