"Check Your Mailbox! You're Gonna Like It!"

"Check your mailbox! You're gonna like it!"

It was the cryptic message I received today around 2:30 PM from someone I knew. An odd message, but one I felt intrigued enough to grab my shoes and head outside for. I actually didn't have to go far, as it appeared the mailman had actually dropped the box on my front porch.

With mystery package in hand, I made my way to my toy room / office and snapped a quick photo before diving into it with excitement. After all, with such a sales pitch that I would like it, I had to see what was inside.

Yes indeed, I did like it! I liked it a lot!

For those of you who remembered my post from quite a while ago, I was complaining rather fervently about how I missed out on the Arctic Mission Storm Shadow. While since then I had someone reach out to me and say they had a double I could get from them, this was actually a rather nice surprise from another person.

It's been really amazing to see how the toy community has come together with this line to help get these figures into the hands of collectors who actually want them, versus those who are scalping them for profit.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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  1. Out-freakin-standing. Yes - the community has been great with this challenging line up.

    1. Absolutely. I've got something big planned coming soon related to this line.