Mars Attacks Jr. (Heroes In Action)

Mars Attacks Jr.
Heroes In Action

Sure, why not?

I talked about the odd Presidential Monsters / Presidential Monsters Jr. series from Heroes In Action last week, so why not close the loop on that with the short lived Mars Attacks Jr. series?

It's a one and done line, featuring the Martian Soldier figure. For those of you who remember my post from last week, you saw this guy packed in with the SDCC Barack Obama Jr.'s. It's the same figure as released in that 2011 line.

Because of that, there's honestly not much more to tell.

I haven't seen too many of these in the wild. In fact, as of this write up, there was only one floating around on ebay. The seller wanted $40.00 for it, but I honestly don't see that happening. With that said, because I haven't seen too many of these around, I can't really pinpoint what they're worth. Suffice to say, I and apparently nobody else, will pay forty bucks for it.

Still, it's a unique figure from another one of those here today, gone tomorrow toy companies. It's an interesting part of plastic history from that aspect.

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  1. I heard Super7 has Mars Attacks in queue for their 3-3/4 inch ReAction lineup.

    1. Never really found a Mars Attacks line that I thought was particularly solid. Trendmasters did an okay job back in the day, but never hit a home run with it.