Bill And Ted Face The Music

***Spoiler Free***

For those of you who were anxiously waiting for Bill And Ted Face The Music to hit theaters, wait no longer. In fact, don't even go to the theater. Simply head to your cable box, located within the comfort of your own home and rent the flick for $19.99.

That's what I did, and I'm so glad.

Bill And Ted Face The Music is HYSTERICAL! This is how sequels from nostalgic films SHOULD be done. The characters aren't different. They don't do a 180 on you at any point. Neither of them are financially successful, none of them is any better off than the other. They're just two close friends who's mentality and mannerisms are exactly as you remember them.

To make matters all the better, their daughters are spitting images of them. Both in their intelligence and their love for music.

It's a fantastic film, and one that fans of Bill and Ted should 100% support.

Hollywood, take note. If you want to follow up a classic film with a sequel, this is how you do it successfully.

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  1. Without Carlin as Rufus... Did they even mention Rufus? I've wondering about this... You've given me hope.

  2. Good to hear. I may actually watch it now.

  3. Just finished watching this! What a wonderfully entertaining movie. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you TB! Without your review, I probably would have passed on this and missed out on it.

    1. Glad you liked it. Spread the word. All Bill and Ted fans should see this film!

  4. This was a great movie. My wife and I rented it Friday evening and we both loved it. It's funny, fun, optimistic, and heartwarming. Great homages and references to the previous films but plenty of new ideas as well. And yes, the daughters were fantastic. It was really nice to see that Bill and Ted's kids clearly loved them and were positively influenced by them even, for better or for worse. This was a really good sequel. Easily one of the best sequels I can think of for a movie where so much time has passed between the last installment.