Magic Magnetic Gotham City (Remco)

Magic Magnetic Gotham City

These days, they just don't make play mats like they used to. Vintage ones have so much going on in terms of style, fun and play interaction. Be it a vinyl mat for the 4077, those generic, but always fun, city streets, or a magnetic Gotham City.

For the latter, you'd have to look to the 1966 Remco Magic Magnetic Gotham City. The set consisted of a magnetic Gotham City "map", which you could place cardboard buildings, a bat cave and various punch out characters. The set even contained vehicles, such as, planes and cars - One of which, was of course, was the Batmobile - All of which were set up on magnetic bases.

As for the characters, these featured the likes of Batman, Robin, Catwoman, The Penguin and The Joker. With them, you could create hours of fun as the stories in your head unfolded on the mat before you. Basic design, but hours of potential fun.

Unfortunately, this set is by no means easy to come by these days. They're very few and far between. A complete set can easily set you back close to two thousand dollars. It's by no means for the average collector.

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  1. That looks like fun. I need a destroyed city like that full of Sentinels and X-Men.

    1. I know Amsco made a Marvel Comics city playset. No Sentinels or X-Men though.

    2. That is pretty cool as well!