Peg Warmer Predictions Coming True

Looks like my prediction about which figure in the G.I. Joe Classified line are panning out true. Of all the Target exclusive figures in the Cobra Island wave, Roadblock is the one consistently showing up on pegs, and currently is the only one available for order online from Target.

Beach-Head is popping up here and there, but definitely isn't common just yet. As for Cobra Trooper, I predict this figure will forever be scarce in the Cobra Island packaging, but will see a re-release in future waves. The only question is, will it be repainted in any form or fashion to make it different? Only time will tell.

What about you? Have you tracked down your set? Did you get them in a store? Or did you cave and go the online route, and shell out to scalpers? Have you given up on the line? Or are you still waiting to see if these will get properly stocked at your local Target? Leave a comment with your stance.

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  1. Won't give up. Caved and paid scalper prices for two. Received one from you -THANKS. Hoping I'll get lucky and stumble on the other Target exclusives in the future.