G.I. Joe Classified - Target Screws It All Up...Again

If the pre-order debacle surrounding their exclusive wave of G.I. Joe Classified figures wasn't enough of a problem, Target has ramped up their incompetence. If you recall from my prior post on the subject, pegs had been set up at a lot of local stores for the upcoming wave of figures and vehicle / figure combo. Not only that, but employees seemed to be well aware of the August 14th, 2020 street date, and were doing all they could to adhere to this.

Well, that is until recently.

Target made an announcement through their "Ask Target" handle, which most collector's have missed. What they said was not only unexpected, but has led to Target once again screwing everything up when it comes to having an exclusive product that is not only highly anticipated, but in small quantity. First, go ahead and read the announcement for yourself.

Yes, you read that correctly. The street date of August 14th, 2020, was only intended for the online pre-orders. Stores have had the green light to sell the figures since July 26th, 2020. No surprise, when the scalpers found out about this, they swarmed their local stores across the country. While some stores have adhered to the original street date in August, refusing to sell them, most have complied and sold out.

Will they get more? Who knows. Will there be product in store on the originally anticipated street date? Don't count on it.

Many people have taken to Twitter to call Target out for their incompetence, as well as, voice complaint about how some stores are taking the pegs down now that they've sold out, claiming they don't expect to get anymore in stock. If you thought there was a silver lining around the possibility of getting these figures in store, you may want to go ahead and toss that idea out the window.

Thanks, Target!

If you want to voice your complaint with Target, and I really think everyone annoyed by this should, follow the original tweet HERE.

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  1. Very irritating. I checked Ebay last night for prices. Right now there are a ton of Beachheads and Cobra Troopers listed. They all hover around $60 Buy It Now. Screw them. Let all that supply sit until they start lowering their prices.

    1. Yeah, I'm not happy at all about the circumstances surrounding this wave. The entire line has been one pain after the next.

  2. You should jump into the 3 3/4 stuff that's "supposedly" coming out , TB. They might be easier to find once they release as most people collect 6" nowadays.

    1. I'll take a look. Overall, it will come down to the frustration level this line produces.