Retro Spins: Bachelor Party

The purchase of this album was purely driven by Oingo Boingo being on it. Hopefully that decision pays off.

In-laws-to-be, an ex-boyfriend and a team of boisterous buddies join forces to do everything they can to keep fiances Tom Hanks and Tawny Kitaen permanently single in this brilliantly outrageous movie comedy.

The day before the lovers are to be united in matrimony finds everyone preoccupied with the eternal question: Can a marriage survive a wedding - and all the shenanigans that precede it?

BACHELOR PARTY answers this question - and many more - with some wildly wicked answers as the assembly of characters romp and rout their way through the most out-of-control bachelor bash ever.

With a superbly talented supporting cast and a rousing rock score, BACHELOR PARTY is an engagement you won't want to break. - Back of the original VHS

Yes, I did enjoy the two Oingo Boing tracks, Bachelor Party and Something Isn't Right. However, I also found some other enjoyable tracks.

I think what I liked most about the album as a whole, was that it flowed nicely with track after track of new wave and punk style sounds. Each song felt like it belonged right in the place it was, and wouldn't have done the soundtrack justice if it was missing.

Stand out tracks were American Beat '84 (Theme From Bachelor Party) by The Fleshtones, Crazy Over You by Jools Holland, Little Demon by Adrian Zmed...and of course, Oingo Boingo. The catch to this is that I wouldn't necessarily go out of my way to hear any of these tracks individually. Like I said above, the album flows nicely with each one in just the right place.

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