There's Trouble Brewing In This Box


Ah, the mysterious of a box.

I don't buy many vehicles in any of the toy lines I have, but there are a select few that I often find myself coming back around to in my hunt. The Cobra Flight Pod from 1985 was a toy I remember getting in my childhood while my parent's visited a couple of friends they used to be stationed with overseas. I ran around their house and yard flying this beast everywhere. Of course, all my toys were at home, so I didn't have a figure with me, but that didn't stop my fun one bit.

With prices of vintage toys skyrocketing since the pandemic, I've been all the more reluctant to pick up anything else for my collection. However, when I came across this (almost perfect) sample of this iconic vehicle, I took the plunge.

It's challenging to find one of these complete because there are several easily breakable parts, such as the barrel of the front cannon, the handlebars on the yoke, the missiles, engine rudders and clear dome.

I've never understood the mine accessory included with this vehicle. I don't recall ever seeing it in the cartoons or comics, and it doesn't attach to the vehicle. At least, I don't see a way that it attaches to the vehicle.

The hatch on the mine is also notorious for being missing.

This is vintage G.I. Joe goodness. For how tiny this vehicle is, it's massive in the sheer joy it brings to me. As I hold this in my palm, this is the feeling that causes me to keep collecting. Happiness fills my heart and memories flood my head. This is what people who frown upon adults collecting toys are missing. There is a real connection of feelings attached to true collectors. 

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  1. UTINI!!!!!!! Cool Flight Pod. Different than the Trouble Bubble? Or the same?

  2. This was one of only about a dozen (If that) vehicles that I had as a kid and loved it.

  3. I had the Mirage Cycle and the Fang as a kid. Then when I got a bunch of other vehicles mainly because I liked the figures that came with them i.e. Slaughter's Warthog and Triple T, Destroy Despoiler and Serpentors Chariot just to name a few. Doh! Can't forget Zanzibar and his Swamp Skiff.

    1. People mock Zanzibar, but I thought he was cool.