Order Of Battle: Atlantis Attacks Crossover Comic Books


Due to the increasing size of my comic book collection, I have found it necessary to not only break them up by title, but for some of the larger series, by groups. This will be an ongoing post of my Marvel published Atlantis Attacks Crossover series, as I obtain them. All photos are actual scans.

Silver Surfer
Annual 2

Iron Man
Annual 10

Marvel Comics Presents
Issue 26

Annual 13

The Amazing Spider-Man
Annual 23

The Punisher
Annual 2

The Spectacular Spider-Man
Annual 9

Annual 4

Annual 18

The New Mutants
Issue 76

The New Mutants
Annual 5

X Factor
Annual 4

Web Of Spider-Man
Annual 5

Avengers West Coast
Issue 56

Avengers West Coast
Annual 4

The Mighty Thor
Annual 14

Fantastic Four
Annual 22

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