Little Creepies' Monster Game And Haunted House (The Toy Factory)

Little Creepies' Monster Game And Haunted House
The Toy Factory
1974 - 1975

I came across Little Creepies' when searching for "random forgotten toys" on Google one day. While I first only saw the Haunted House, I soon stumbled upon the Monster Game.

I honestly don't know much about this line, nor the company behind it, The Toy Factory. Despite my best efforts, I couldn't locate any websites where people were actively talking about them, or had any articles about the toys.

In looking as closely as possible at this, it appears that the playset, and figures included, are all made of cardboard. This could contribute to the minimal information available on it. Not only is it an obscure toy, but it may not have survived in mass quantities based on its materials. Still, if you're a fan of Halloween, or vintage spooky toys, this is one to be on the hunt for. This haunted house is freaking awesome!

Much like the playset, I couldn't find much on the Little Creepies' Monster Game. However, I did get a glance at the board from another site, and it looks like a pretty fun game. The board is split into three sections with a colorful spinner in the center. Though I don't know much more than what I saw, I wouldn't mind playing a round of it. It looks like it could be a good time.

Secondary markets don't make finding either of these items any easier, but I was bummed out to see I missed an unpunched Haunted House which sold recently for a mere $60.00! It was the only one available for sale. Oh well. I'll just have to keep my eyes out for it another day.

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  1. Wow, no info about BoardGameGeek on that game. That's a pretty rare occurance.

    1. That's kind of odd. They're usually all over this kind of stuff.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. It wasn't a boardgame. I had it as a kid. It was just a cardboard playset with cardboard figures to play. I am actively trying to replace it though.