Retro Spins: The Smurfs - The Smurfs All Star Show

When you go from Ozzy Osbourne the prior week to The Smurfs, that person either has very eclectic tastes, or a screw loose. I'm going with eclectic.

The Smurfs have been a favorite of mine since my childhood. I used to watch the cartoon (a lot), collect the little PVC figures and listen to their records. Yes, much like The Chipmunks, The Smurfs had a vast array of musical albums for children to grow up with. Best of all, it was original music.

One of my all time favorite albums was The Smurfs All Star Show - A guilty pleasure which I still listen to today. Mind you, I don't listen to it daily, but at least once every year or two.

It's innocent, fun, and in a way even charming for what it is. After all, these are real adults behind each album who actively sought out to write songs from a Smurf's perspective, put together session musicians and singers, recorded the whole thing and then offered it, usually via toll free number orders, to the public - Who bought it in droves.

The Smurfs All Star Show not only offers all the fun of a Smurfs album, but it also offers songs which are honestly just good. Good enough to get your toe tapping. As I said above, it's all original work, and it's music which people put a lot of effort into. This wasn't just a cash grab on the unsuspecting public. The producers wanted to deliver timeless, well written music which kids would cherish, and that we did - Into our adult years.

Scoff if you will, but this album will always have a fond place in my heart, and a reserved space in my library.

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