Comics Corner: The Amazing Spider-Man 87


Title: The Amazing Spider-Man
Issue Number: 87
Release Date: August 1970


  • In a sickness induced daze, Peter tells all of his friends (Gwen, Mary Jane and Harry) that he's Spider-Man
Low Points
  • Peter Parker gets a flu virus and once again becomes useless, thinking he's losing his powers - This is what, the third time Marvel has written this kind of story for Spider-Man?
  • Spider-Man breaks into a jewelry shop in the middle of the night to steal a gift for Gwen - He ends up not going through with it, but still broke in, busted into the safe and picked it up before changing his mind - Way out of character
  • Why do cold and flu viruses make Spider-Man so useless? He can lift cars, but can't take a sniffle?
  • Peter has Hobie Brown (AKA The Prowler) dress up in his Spider-Man suit and asks him to show up at Gwen Stacy's home to solve his problem of revealing his identity of Spider-Man, and nobody so much as bats an eye at his sudden "urban" voice
  • Why is Hobie so dumb that he can't put two and two together that if Spider-Man is asking him to come to Gwen's house to tell them how great Peter Parker is that clearly there's a dead giveaway about his secret identity?
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  1. It's not just the's the man flu, and for him, the SpiderMan Flu which is probably 10 times worse. :-)