This Will Be A Day Long Remembered


2020 appears to be showing no signs of relenting in its suck factor. Last night brought news of actor David Prowse passing away at the age of eighty-five. He was well loved around the Star Wars community not only for his portrayal of Darth Vader in the original Star Wars Trilogy, but also for embracing his fans.

Shunned from all Lucasfilm sanctioned events for allegedly leaking to the press tidbits about Star Wars during filming of The Empire Strikes Back, Mr. Prowse didn't let this deter him from meeting with fans, signing autographs and bringing joy to the Star Wars community. Aided by his height of six feet six inches tall, his presence couldn't help but be grandiose wherever he went. As much as Lucasfilm wanted to sweep him under the rug, David Prowse was Star Wars.

Fans of the original Christopher Reeve Superman films also revered him as the man behind the scenes pumping iron with the Man of Steel to prep him for his role. In addition, he was also the personal trainer of Carey Elwes for his cult classic role in The Princess Bride.

Mr. Prowse had suffered from several debilitating health issues over the past couple decades. However, none of this seemed to slow him down in his quest to meet as many fans as he could. He will be remembered fondly and missed by many.

Good journey, Mr. Prowse. May we see you again in Heaven's eternity.

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