Comics Corner: The Amazing Spider-Man 82


Title: The Amazing Spider-Man
Issue Number: 82
Release Date: March 1970 

  • Electro returns for his third time in The Amazing Spider-Man since issue number nine and annual number one
  • Spider-Man swings through town with a paper bag on his head, in search of a laundromat, because his costume is dirty
  • Good action panels as Spider-Man and Electro go toe to toe
Low Points
  • Spider-Man is going to be on TV, because Peter needs money, and Electro gets J. Jonah Jameson to pay him five grand to unmask him - That's as paper thin as the plot gets
  • Why would Mrs. Watson, who lives with Aunt May, ring the doorbell to come in her own house?
Rating (based on a 1 through 5 Stans grading system)

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