Retro Spins: Fame

For me, Fame suffers from having too many characters. While they all seem to have the same goal, I simply couldn't keep up with who was doing what or why. By the end, when they all graduate, I still don't know what the deal is, or where these characters are going - If anywhere. It's messy storytelling in my book.

Fame. It's what eight talented teenagers are all hotly pursuing at New York's High School of Performing Arts.

It's a stunning combination of drama and pathos - an explosion of pulsating music and spectacular dancing.

And it's one of the most highly acclaimed movie-musicals of our time.

"A jubilant, hugely entertaining movie, bubbling with life," says the N.Y. Times. "Fame bolts from the gate so fast you have to sit forward in your seat to take it all in," says Newsweek. "A dynamic, exhilarating experience," says KNBC.

Award-winning director Alan Parker has brought a profusion of fresh young talent to the screen - all with dreams of Fame. Their search takes us from the shadows of forty-second street to the bright lights of the Great White Way.

Along the way we laugh at their zany antics, cry at their disappointments, and marvel at Michael Gore's electrifying music and Louis Falco's dazzling choreography.

And the finale is as exciting as any musical number you're ever likey to see.

Fame. It's a movie not to be missed. - Back of the original VHS

It's one of those soundtracks that definitely helps if you've seen the movie. The visual aid helps to make it a bit more enjoyable than it probably really is.

Don't get me wrong, the soundtrack has some good tracks. The standout is definitely the theme song, Fame, by Irene Cara. However, there in lies the problem. When the remaining tracks are just okay, and stand in the shadows of the opening track, which is superb, it doesn't really go up hill from there, now does it?

Overall, it was an enjoyable album, but at the end of the day, it was also something I don't see myself coming back around to any time soon.

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