Comics Corner: The Fantastic Four 53

Title: Fantastic Four
Issue Number: 53
Release Date:August 1966

  • Black Panther story continues
  • Origin of Black Panther
  • First appearance of Klaw and T'Chaka
  • First mention of Vibranium
  • Death of T'Chaka
  • Klaw obtains his force glove
  • Klaw enters his own machine, beginning his transformation from human to sound - But that is a cliffhanger story for another time (The Fantastic Four issue 56)
Low Points
  • Black Panther built the mechanize Wakanda jungle on a, "Lark".
  • Despite The Fantastic Four being attacked for no reason by Black Panther in the prior issue, suddenly he's a good guy and they're friends?
    Wait, now all of a sudden he's a good guy? I'm glad, but what's with the flip flop?
  • Black Panther can sense that Klaw has returned for a second attack after ten years?
Rating (based on a 1 through 5 Stans grading system)

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