Comics Corner: The Human Fly 1

Title: The Human Fly
Issue Number: 1
Release Date:September 1977

  • First appearance of The Human Fly, Ted Locke and Blaze Kendall
  • Guest appearance by Spider-Man 
  • Origin story of The Human Fly, Ted Lock and Blaze Kendall
  • Tony Stark is mentioned
Low Points
  • Generic in every sense, bland plot, nameless enemy known as nothing more than "mercenary"
  • The Human Fly, and his companions, are not interesting characters - Despite their origin stories
  • Sloppy writing with severe plot holes - Either the writer is really bad at their job, or thinks the readers are really stupid (see oddities)
  • Story is insulting to the intelligence of most readers (see oddities)
  • Story was so bad that it's the first comic I've read to merit zero Stans as a rating
  • A helicopter can maintain the speed of a Boeing 747?
  • The hijackers on the plane hear The Human Fly walking around on top of the exterior, so they shoot through the hull at him - Um, bad idea in a pressurized cabin
  • The Human Fly wants to become a symbol for those who have been hospitalized with disabilities, like him, to show them that with willpower they can accomplish anything - Yet none of these people know who he is or that he was once disabled. How is he inspiring them exactly? 
  • The Human Fly blows open the door of an airborne Boeing 747 to gain access - Again, air pressurization is not addressed.
  • Spider-Man makes a hang glider and then a parachute out of webbing after jumping out of the airborne plane he was on, to help The Human Fly who is wrestling in the air with the mercenary. When The Human Fly is caught mid-air by Spider-Man, he exclaims, "Fantastic! You have all the powers of a real spider!" - Huh? Spiders spin hang gliders and parachutes out of their webbing?
  • Spider-Man departs hastily after the mercenary has been dealt with and thinks to himself that he needs to be back on the plane - You know, the one that was airborne, and traveling at high speed. How exactly is he going to accomplish this?
  • At the end of the story, a random person thanks The Human Fly for saving the people on the jet. He tells the man to give the reward to charity - Um...Nobody mentioned a reward
Rating (based on a 1 through 5 Stans grading system)

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