Comics Corner: The Fantastic Four 5

Title: Fantastic Four
Issue Number: 5
Release Date:July 1962
  • First appearance of Doctor Victor Von Doom
  • Origin of Doctor Doom
  • Turns out Thing was Blackbeard the pirate - Interesting plot twist
Low Points
  • Plot is incredibly stupid: Doctor Doom has created a time machine, and wants Mr. Fantastic, Thing and Human Torch to go back in time and steel Blackbeard's treasure - While he holds Invisible Girl hostage 
  • Thing says he wants to stay in the past as Blackbeard and throw Reed and Johnny overboard in a lifeboat
  • Reed and Johnny strip off their pirate clothes to reveal their Fantastic Four uniforms underneath - Except for the fact that Johnny was wearing short sleeves and you could see his arms and hands, and Reed wasn't wearing his gloves either
Rating (based on a 1 through 5 Stans grading system)

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