Comics Corner: The Amazing Spider-Man 70

Title: The Amazing Spider-Man
Issue Number: 70
Release Date: March 1969

  • Kingpin is behind bars, but the police are convinced Spider-Man is in league with him
  • We learn that Harry Osborn is on a date with Mary Jane Watson
  • Kingpin breaks out of prison
  • First appearance of Vanessa Fisk, but you don't see her face
Low Points
  • Gwen accuses Peter of being a coward, because he always disappears when trouble starts - What is it with women wanting their men to have some form of hero complex when super villains are attacking? - And if only she knew...
  • Spider-Man gets sick of J.Jonah Jameson's mouth and attacks him, giving the man a heart attack
  • After all the times Spider-Man has been accused, and subsequently cleared his name, why do the police think for a minute he's working with Kingpin?
  • A police officer starts randomly shooting at Spider-Man as he's swinging across the sky - I guess there's now rules and regulations (or concern for public safety) for officers discharging their firearms in the Marvel Universe - Shoot first, ask questions later
  • Spider-Man gets close enough to the shooting officer to swat the gun from his hands, but doesn't give him the tablet that he's carrying? You know, the one he's carrying around causing the police to think he's in league with Kingpin - Seems like that simple gesture could have cleared things up on page six of the story
  • The dean of the college says he thinks students were better seen and not heard...Wow, what admirable qualifications for the dean of a state university
  • Spider-Man, who again is being accused of stealing the tablet with Kingpin, has a get rich quick scheme to be the first to decipher the ancient script...By way of deciding to take it to someone more experienced with doing so - Where to start? Um...Wouldn't the person he takes it to know it was stolen? Wouldn't the person he takes it to know Spider-Man is wanted for being supposedly in cahoots for stealing it? Why would said guy also decipher it for him and then let Spider-Man take the credit for it? So many questions for such a dumb plot point
  • More police start discharging their firearms wildly in the streets, missing Spider-Man with every shot...Where are those bullets going? How many innocents were killed during this incident?
Rating (based on a 1 through 5 Stans grading system)

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