Comics Corner: The Amazing Spider-Man 106


Title: The Amazing Spider-Man
Issue Number: 106
Release Date: March 1972


  • Brief appearance by Doctor Curtis Connor
  • Harry Osborn continues to recover from his drug abuse
  • Gwen and Peter visit Flash, who is not the same since returning from Vietnam
Low Points
  • Spencer Smythe is at it again. Very boring and one dimensional character
  • Another spider slayer story...great
  • The story would have been more interesting if it focused on what happened to Flash in Vietnam, vs. wasted space on a cliffhanger spider slayer story. Hopefully this thread is revisited in later issues
  • Spider-Man uses Doctor Connor's lab to make a mask of Peter Parker's face - Huh? Why would a scientist have this kind of material, and where did Peter Parker learn to sculpt a perfect likeness of himself?
  • Spider-Man just happens to know when Smythe will be viewing his cameras to hold up the fake mask of his face?
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