File That One Under "Oops"


While going through my archives, I noticed something was awry with my Retro Spins posts. There was a very sporadic notation of comments for the ones based on the 80's albums I wrote about, but a fair amount for the 70's albums. This seemed odd, so I went in to investigate closer.

Well, turns out that I had comments disabled on all these posts for the past two + years. So, I guess that's my bad. I went ahead and fixed all of them, which was a long and drawn out chore.

Not that this will happen, but if anyone had a comment they wanted to post, feel free to go through the archives and drop one. Retro Spins posts are all HERE.

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  1. Was wondering why every other post didn't have a comment box. It was always when I wanted to comment too. :-)

    1. It should have been a dead giveaway for me with you telling me twice that a post didn't have a comments option.