Retro Spins: Aerosmith - Permanent Vacation

Aerosmith may have been around for two hundred years, but in the late 80's they were brand new to me. My brother got into them big time with their 1989 released Pump, and I don't think a day went buy that he didn't blast one or more of their albums through his stereo on any given day. Personally, I didn't see the appeal - Certainly not to the extent he did. Cassette, vinyl and CD. He had them all. For every album. Then there were the "limited" releases, such as the leather bound Pump, felt adorned Get A Grip and so many more.

Fast forward to around 2002.

It took another decade+ for me to finally come around to the band, and it was all because of a whim of picking up a cassette of Permanent Vacation - Yes, I still listened to cassettes in 2002. That thing went with me everywhere I went. I think I went through a good month or two long stint of listening to it everyday as I traveled up and down the road in my truck.

From there, I branched out into a little more Aerosmith, listening to albums such as Pump, Get A Grip, Nine Lives and Just Push Play. What I found myself liking the most about the band was their non commerical tracks. I preferred the "freshness" to them vs. what the radio had pummeled me with - Especially during the Get A Grip years when you couldn't swing a stick without hearing the likes of Crazy, Amazing, Cryin' or Living On The Edge.

But I'm getting a little off track. Today, I want to talk about the 1987 album, Permanent Vacation. The one which started it all for me.

To me, the record is crafted to perfection by the band. I can't imagine one track without the other. It just wouldn't work if Rag Doll and Dude (Looks Like A Lady) weren't separated by Simoriah - Even though the aforementioned tracks became hits off the album on their own merits. Equally, you can't jump straight into Angel from Dude. You need that transition through St. John, Hangman's Jury, and Girl Keeps Coming Apart.

This album also holds a special place in my music history because it got me through a lot of confusing times during my young adult life. Despite all the changes which were happening around me at the time, good or bad, Permanent Vacation was always there, and was always the same. It was essentially my one consistent. An old friend who wanted to do nothing more than cheer me up. And it did.

While I never really got into the "older" stuff of Aerosmith, I would eventually inherit it all from my brother when he moved on from the band and CD's in general. These days, while I'm by no means their biggest fan, it means a lot to me to be the keeper of his collection. I know how much it meant to him when he was growing up, and it will be here if he ever wants it back.

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  1. Great album, though, quite honestly, I don't think I've ever heard the whole thing. Put it on the list.