The Karate Kid (NECA)

The Karate Kid

HIYA! KA-POW! ZIPPAZIPPA SHA POOF!...and all those other karate like sounds.

It's surprising with how Cobra Kai has taken off that NECA has all but abandoned the concept of Karate Kid related figures. Such a missed opportunity to have figures not only form the show, but also the two sequel films.

Why does Daniel look like a linebacker with his shoulder pads on? Overall, not the best work I've seen from the likes of NECA.

While the figures look all right, and I would have loved to see more, they'll honestly never hold a candle to the original Remco line - which seems to be skyrocketing once again on secondary markets.

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  1. Odd that they did an 8 inch scale cloth covered line. A 6 inch line would have been cool. I really liked the 3-3/4 inch figures from the ReAction line. Oh well, sweep the leg.

    1. Agreed. Six inch would have been better...And of course, more figures.