Comics Corner: The Amazing Spider-Man 96


Title: The Amazing Spider-Man
Issue Number: 96
Release Date: May 1971


  • Part one of three of the infamous drugs story arc that the Comics Code refused to give their blessings to - There is no comics code seal on this issue or the following two
  • Peter finally accepts the job offer he's ignored from Norman Osborn
  • Mary Jane makes a move on Peter, and Harry doesn't like it one bit
  • Norman Osborn becomes the Green Goblin again, and worst of all, he immediately identifies Peter Parker as Spider-Man
Low Points
  • None
  • Spider-Man saves a teenager who's got the refer madness, and then spends a couple panels talking about how drugs are bad - This is what got the Comics Code's panties all in a bunch? Boy, how the times have changed
Rating (based on a 1 through 5 Stans grading system)

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