Comics Corner: The Amazing Spider-Man 105


Title: The Amazing Spider-Man
Issue Number: 105
Release Date: February 1972


  • Harry Osborn comes back from the hospital for the first time since his drug overdose
  • We learn that Mary Jane Watson's Aunt has moved out of the house she shared with Aunt May to live with her sister on the West Coast
  • Flash Thompson returns from Vietnam, this time for good
  • Spencer Smythe watches Spider-Man unmask atop a roof via hidden cameras stationed around the city
Low Points
  • There's a protest outside of the Daily Bugle, and of course it's being led by Randy Robertson
  • Spencer Smythe returns with another spider-slayer - This is what, the third one?
  • Randy Robertson is picketing that the Bugle is unfair to minority groups...Wait...Doesn't his dad work there? And isn't he the editor-in-chief? What exactly is unfair about this?
Rating (based on a 1 through 5 Stans grading system)

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