G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero File Cards - 1993 (Hasbro)


The end of the Joe file cards is on the horizon as we take a look at 1992.

What makes this year of particular interest to me is the crossover between one of Hasbro's other lines, Cops 'N Crooks. Characters such as Bullet-Proof, Mace, Longarm and Mirage, just to name a few, make appearances in the 1992 roster of Joe code names. Coincidence? Not a chance.

This isn't the first time this has happened. Checkpoint, one of the officers from the Cops series, makes reference to his father, who just so happens to be Wayne "Beach Head" Sneeden. While the "real" names of the Joe team characters don't match with those of the ones from Cops, there's no mistaking that the code names are a massive nod to the line. Can you point them all out?

Hasbro also returned to the original "L" shaped cards for their mail away figures. For these, they not only released individual figures, but also "team" sets. The team ones are particularly unique because they don't include a blurb on the individual character, but rather the whole set. In some cases, these included both Joe and Cobra members. Additionally, they released a Create A Cobra figure, which utilized the same style of folded paper file card, as first introduced with 1987's Steel Brigade figure.

With all that said, have a look for yourself.

For you eagle eye Joe fans, you may have noticed an omission in the file cards. Those would be the ones related to the Street Fighter II characters. I may do a post on these particular ones in the future. However, for now, they are considered to be neither affiliated with the toy line, nor official cannon to G.I. Joe in general.

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