Christmas, Round II


Taking a hiatus from yesterday's festivities, my girl and I took some well needed time to sleep in this morning, not getting started until around 9:30. When we finally got around to waking up, we started the day off with a delivery of breakfast, and enjoyed that with our coffee, letting the day rev up before diving into our second round of Christmas.

We did go ahead and let the dog open a box of toys, but mostly because they were packed in a comic box, which I desperately needed to help transport the many comics noted from yesterday's post upstairs.

For those of you who read my Christmas Traditions post the other day, what ensues next is a perfect example of the chaos that I mentioned about Christmas day as a child. Presents flying everywhere, with the whole extravaganza done before you know it.

We let the dog romp around on the floor for a bit, making a mess with all the stuff and fluff before deciding to open our presents. Even then, before we got started, we ran interference on him with a holiday dog treat.

With the dog content for a moment, we separated our gifts out from under the tree and took turns opening them. I'll spare you the details of what she got. They are boring girly things.

As for me, I got some really great stuff!

Can't go wrong with Moose Munch. I love popcorn with chocolate and caramel on it, or s'mores. As I sit here typing, I'm fighting the urge to dig into it already.

This is one of those items I didn't know I wanted or needed (or even existed) until it was in my hands. As someone who suffers from chronic pinched nerves in my right shoulder blade, this will be wonderful to have and use.

This C-3PO case was actually a final gift from my brother, which remained under the tree from last night. It has all the tabs, as well as, the insert sheet.

Mark Bellomo's The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Star Wars Action Figures 1977 - 1985 will be fun to thumb through here and there, even though my figure collecting days of the series are relatively over. I know I keep kicking around the idea of getting all the Droids and Ewoks figures, but I don't honestly think that will ever happen.

By this time in the present opening, the dog was in full on pouting mode because he realized there was nothing else for him to open.

I on the other hand still had quite a few gifts to open, which I happily continued to do. Three such items were things I saw in passing one day, and made the comment of how cool they were. I then proceeded to forget about them. My girl on the other hand made a mental note, and surprised me with these great Fallout related items.

While I don't own any Fallout related collectibles, the game series is by far my all time favorite to play. There's just something about roaming the wastelands that I find intriguing and appealing. Maybe it just brings out the collector in me from all the stuff I hoard in my various settlements.

I also got a handful of comics, which fill in the very small gap of issues I'm missing in the 400's of The Amazing Spider-Man, and the slightly larger missing issues in the 100's.

I'll also mention at this point that I received another ebay gift card. This time from my girl's eldest daughter. I have a very generous amount of funds to use on some items, and while I initially was going to purchase an Ultimate Fallout #4, the first appearance of Mile Morales, after much thinking, I decided that deep down I really didn't want this particular book for the sotry, but more so for the event it contained within the pages. In a moment of being honest with myself, I decided that I would be much happier with filling in more of the gaps of issues in the Amazing Spider-Man line within the Peter Parker era I'm actually reading, than buying an expensive book which would simply sit in a comic box. So that's what I'll be looking into over the course of the next few days.

The last item I received was the newly released Freddie Mercury Live Aid version from S.H. Figuarts. As a massive fan of Queen, this one went to the top of my want list as soon as I found out about it. Admittedly, it's a bit disappointing that the only thing S.H. did was change the clothing the figure was wearing. Other than that, the heads and accessories are all the same from their previously released Wembley 86' version.

With that, Christmas 2020 wrapped up very nicely, very generously, very well spread out and a ton of fun. Even after spending the past two days celebrating the holiday, I'm admittedly a little sad that it's going to be another 363 days until it comes back around. But, it was enjoyable, and I have plenty of things to spend some time with to keep me well occupied.

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  1. I remember going from library to library looking for that Mark Bellomo GI Joe book until I realized that I could have just looked online to see If it was available. Would have saved me a few trips. Merry X Mad👍