2020, I Give Up


The Star Wars community loses another family member and friend. Jeremy Bulloch passed away today, December 17th, 2020. His agent reported he left this world peacefully, surrounded by friends and family.

Jeremy always embraced the fans of the Star Wars community, making multiple appearances at conventions, participating frequently in Celebration events and always being willing to provide an autograph.

He'll always be remembered by fans as the most infamous bounty hunter in the galaxy. Good journey. May we see you again in God's eternal heaven.

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  1. Super sad to see this but I hope he was glad to know that Boba Fett, the character he originated, lives on as a fan favorite. Always appreciative of the folks whose creative work brings so much joy to others. Prayers for his family.

    1. I get the impression that he was always grateful for the opportunity that Star Wars presented him in life and the impact his character had on the STAR wars community.

  2. Sad news. I heard he was very engaged with the Star Wars fan community. Hope he got to see the Mandalorian and how his character came full circle.