Painted Memories: Finish Him!

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  1. I have since changed my stance on this film ,especially since the big Daniel LaRusso smear campaign.

    1. Yeah, he has earned quite the title of bully.

  2. As much as I make jokes about The Karate Kid, the truth of the matter is the movie was a big part of my childhood (along with the Remco toys). I watched that thing a tone of times and went berserk when I saw the trailer for the sequel - Which my dad took me to see in the theater.

    I like so many kids found a sudden interest in karate. Unfortunately, my dad wouldn't sign me up for any classes because all I wanted to do was learn to fight.

  3. I remember watching Karate Kid on video I think... It was the popcorn feel good summer movie of 1994. Bananarama's Cruel Summer became a break out hit because of this movie... Trivia time: DC Comics granted Columbia Pictures permission to use the "Karate Kid" name for the film and there is a thank you to DC Comics for allowing the use of the name at the end of the credits!

  4. I didn't know about the thank you to DC ,however,I do remember The Karate Kid character in the comics.Interesting.