Muckman: A Lesson In Proper Toy Buying Etiquette

As many of you may recall, I mentioned in a prior post how Muckman from the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line had been cropping up at locations such as Ollies and Ross. I personally found this out when my girlfriend surprised me with a mint on card one from Ollies.

Because I am a collector, I decided I would not only keep the one I already had (which was opened), but that I would also buy a Zoloworld case to store this very pristine condition one for display purposes. I was happy with this decision and thought nothing more of it.

While out in the wild on a separate excursion, we happened across a Ross. Being a fan of the junk, er....merchandise the store sells, my girlfriend wanted to take a lap. Of course if I'm going into any store I'm stopping at the toy section. As we rummaged through the very unorganized cluster of items I said to myself, "There's no Turtle figures here." Right as the words were forming on my lips, POOF, my girl pulled a lone Muckman out from behind a massive box.

We made the decision to go ahead and buy it.

However, once I got home I really started to feel bad about my purchase decision. I already had one Muckman loose. I already had one Muckman mint on a pristine condition card in carbonite (aka a Zoloworld protector case). Now I had a third? Why?

Why did we buy this figure?

Was it driven by the pure rarity of the figure? Was it a thought of potential financial gain? Was it because I like many people before me took the greed before need path? Or did I really need a third Muckman figure in my life to make me complete?

The sad truth is the answer is yes to the majority of the questions.

We bought this rare figure for the sole purpose of the potential financial gain because we got greedy. We were officially pandering to the biggest thing I despise the most about collecting - Scalpers! Fortunately I came to my senses just as I walked through the gates of Greedy Land and did a 180 back out the door.

I have now made it a point to find a good home for this third figure by way of putting it in the collection of someone else. And no, I won't charge that person the ridiculous $100.00 price tag these things can go for. You out there who want a Muckman send me a message via the comment section with your e-mail address and I'll work out the details of getting it to you at cost. You know, retail price + shipping. First come, first serve...Unless you're a scalper. Scalpers need not apply.

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Figure was claimed by Brother Midnight! Check him out in all his open glory! Always a great feeling to help out a fellow collector and put toys in the hands of people who will appreciate them for what they are and not the potential for profit.

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  1. Good to hear he went to a good home. Not gonna lie, I would have resold him if I came across him in the store. The prices have calmed down a bit compared to what they were, but Muckman could still buy the wife and I a nice night out on the town.

  2. I wasn't even aware of how rare this figure was.I was never big on this line of turtles.However,Muckman is one of the better looking villains from the line.Bebop and Rock steady ,tho <>

    1. The 80's Bebop and Rocksteady are pretty cool looking.