Retro Spins: Duran Duran - Future Past


Duran Duran released their fifteenth studio album, Future Past, today, October 22, 2021. With it, we see the return of veteran rockers, Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Roger Taylor, four of the five original members. This album comes quite a bit out from their 2015 entry, Paper Gods, but was it worth the wait?

Short answer? Yes.

Long answer, after forty years of albums, Duran Duran show that they still know what it takes to stay relevant in today's music industry, while continuing to craft hits. Unlike many artists over time who have released albums with numerous throw away tracks, Future Past feels finely honed and meticulously carved out to deliver a heavy punch from start to finish.

The tunes are heavy pop driven, while continuing to provide that groovy funk bass that people have come to expect. Overall, this plays well to their strong points. It's difficult to find a weakness in everything because from start to finish it doesn't let up in the energy. Though personally speaking, the leading track, Invisible, is by far my favorite. It sets the tone and stage for the album as a whole.

It's days like this that make me glad to see bands from the 80's continue to push on through multiple decades. It's awesome to see that they still have material worth recording, and physical albums to release. It helps to make old people like me not feel forgotten amongst a generation of digital children.

Future Past is definitely one worth checking out. I can't imagine Duran Duran fans would be disappointed, and new inductees may find something worth digging into the past for to see where it all started.

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  1. Good to know that it's a good album. Will check it out. I didn't know about the last few albums. Honestly, I didn't know they did anything after 1986 - just looked at their discography on wikipedia. I do remember when Rio and Hungry Like The WOlf hit the airwaves and MTV. Awesome. Always liked "The Reflex" as well.

    1. I only dabble a bit beyond their hits, but I do enjoy Duran Duran as a whole. They've managed to keep their sound, while adjusting with the various trends in music throughout the decades.