Forget Tosche Station...I'm Going To Farpoint!

For those of you who have searched the inter web as much as I have in a desperate attempt to find vintage toy stores, you may have seen or heard of Farpoint Toys & Collectibles. Though the place hasn't been opened too long, their presence online has been for a while. I've been wanting to go to their store ever since it opened, and October 13th was my chance.

I love that sign! It's so awesome!

The store itself....Well, it may not seem like much on the outside, but just like the Millennium Falcon, she may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts. Step through the doors, and like me, you may just be blown away.

You're immediately greeted by two massive displays of Transformers and G.I. Joe - All guarded by Cobra Commander himself.

Circle around the corner, and you walk into Star Wars central!

This top shelf of Star Wars figures is not for sale...Yet. The owner of the shop is putting together a full set of all of the vintage lines, and then it's being sold as one giant lot. Whew, that's going to be expensive!

This type of "structure" is actually throughout the store. There are several figures at Farpoint you'll find you can't buy individually, as they are only available as a complete set with the entire line. I understand the reasoning for this. The owner doesn't want to get stuck with a bunch of figures they can't sell after all the desirable ones have been swooped up. It's a catch 22. It limits the buying options of customers, but at the same time, it ensures you're not left with a store full of "junk".

Once again, my eyes went straight to the Millennium Falcon. I so want one of these in my collection. This wasn't the vintage one, but Farpoint had three of them...In the box.

Complete with box NES games have quickly become my new obsession. I have about fourteen games so far along with my boxed NES and Advantage controller. These games are so much fun to play! I was definitely interested in a few of the offerings in this case, but more on that later.

Farpoint had a great selection of comics, and seemed to focus only on key issues. You won't find a lot of filler stuff here.

No, that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles number one wasn't a first print - I asked, and would have bought it if it was.

Back to G.I. Joe. Sorry for going back and fourth in the pictures. I was on sensory overload in this place, and bouncing all over.

There was so much here, I couldn't take it all in on first pass.

There's two of the boxed Falcons I mentioned above (the other is behind the one in front).

I was going to thumb through these Simpson figures, but after being burned so bad on them at Tosche Station (price wise), this is a line I need to research a whole lot more before buying any further figures.

The only Voltron toy I had as a kid, and the only one I would consider picking up again.

Not going to lie, I thought about this set of Captain Power figures for a few minutes before moving on.

If I hadn't recently bought a full set of Buck Rogers figures, I probably would have ended up buying these.

I was also interested in the Mork figure in this photo. He's hanging out in the second from the bottom row (all the way on the left), and his egg is hanging out in the bottom left of the cabinet.

Finding complete Thundercats figures is proving to be quite the challenge. I would have grabbed quite a few of these if they were.

Same deal with Cops figures. Incomplete.

Even now as I look through these photos myself, I see a whole bunch of stuff I missed at first glance. Farpoint literally seems to have a little something of everything. Best of all, their prices aren't bad. One thing I walked away from the place knowing is that the owner is realistic. He knows he's not going to retire on selling one piece. He's got things priced to go, which in the long run will build up a great following of loyal customers. I know I'll be back!

For my first trip to the store, I didn't get everything I wanted, that wasn't possible, but I did get quite a bit.

 (Left to Right, Front to Back) Scotty*Spock*Kirk*Llia*Bones*Decker

I didn't want to have to buy all six figures from the line, but as I mentioned above, the owner sells certain things in sets. He had a sixty dollar price tag on them, but ended up dropping it down to forty because of all the other stuff I bought. I don't know if I'll hang on to Llia or Decker, but for now, I have a Kirk and Scotty in my trade pile.

 Snow Job*Crystal Ball*Wet-Suit*Dial Tone*Storm Shadow (V2)*Low-Light

Yup, more Joes...and one Cobra figure. There are only six more Cobra figures I want, and about twenty-nine Joes.

I was all over these boxed / complete versions of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Castlevania II: Simon's Quest for the NES. I would have bought Ghost 'N Goblins too, but it was missing the instruction book.

Then there was the final purchase. The piece de resistance if you will.

You know where this is going...

As I mentioned above, the owner had three Millennium Falcons in the box, and all of them were very reasonably priced. However, as many of you know, usually, boxes and cardbacks (for me) end up in the trash. I have no use for them (generally).

I asked the guy what the price would be if I gave him back the box. He was hesitant at first, and truth be told, I probably would have bought one anyway. However, he ended up dropping 1/4 of the price off for keeping the box. SOLD!!!!!!

She's a beauty, and she's finally mine!

There was so much more at this store I could have grabbed to take home, but moderation had to set in at some point...I know, right, this is moderation? Bottom line was, I couldn't buy EVERYTHING.

This was a great day for toys! Now I just have to deal with that other aspect of collector woes....Where am I going to put all of this?

If you missed it, scroll down and check out my post from this morning when I visited The Comic Book Shop!

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