Solo Contest Results!

The Solo contest is done and over, and was as big a flop as the theatrical release of the movie itself (queue rim shot). Five lucky contestants entered for a chance to win a Solo: A Star Wars Story on Blu-Ray / Digital combo pack, and the winner is..............


Spyda, you have twenty-four hours, noon EST tomorrow, to leave a comment with your e-mail address, which will not be published, to claim the prize.

The prize has been claimed.

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  1. That is AWESOME!!! Thank you! My kids and I are looking foward to seeing Solo.

  2. "Yeehaw" (for Spyda-Man) in my best Solo - A New Hope impersonation!

    I still loved the movie.

    1. This will be my first viewing of the movie. Can't wait!

    2. Sorry for the delay - I mailed this today...