Go Solo! A Toy Box Contest

Want a copy of Solo, but can't bring yourself to pay for it? Well, you may not have to! Enter here for your chance to win a brand new copy of Solo: A Star Wars Story Blu-Ray + Digital Code!

How to enter?


Drop a comment in the comment section stating whether you liked, hated, or didn't bother seeing the film with a quick explanation of why.

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The contest will end on Friday, October 12th, 2018, at 11:59 PM EST. The winner will be announced and their name posted in a separate post on Monday, October 15th, 2018. Winner will have twenty-four hours to contact me via the comment section with their e-mail address, which will not be published, to coordinate delivery - You know, give me your address. If the prize is not claimed within that twenty-four hour period, a follow up winner will be chosen. This process will continue until the prize is claimed.

Now for the disclaimers...

Only open to residents of the United States.

Must be eighteen (18) years or older to enter.

Anonymous commenters are welcome, but not eligible for the contest. Sorry, I need some form of name to announce you if you're the winner.

All comments must be posted at The Toy Box via this contest link in order to be eligible. If you post a link, make sure to direct your readers here to actually enter the contest.

Keep the language friendly in the comment section - Even if you have a negative opinion about the film.

Good luck to everyone who participates!


  1. Liked it better than I thought I would. Everyone was saying it was much worse than it was.

  2. Honestly, I really did want to see this movie when it came to theaters, but with 3 kids who occupy the majority of my free time I didn't have the opportunity to go see it. Usually though, we will pick up the Star Wars films when they are released on DVD/Blu-Ray and the whole family watches them together.

  3. I liked it when I saw it the first time. Loved it when a saw it the second time at theaters. Love it even more watching it at home. It was fun. I thought Alden did a great job. Love the Lando and Enfys Nest character. Appreciated Beckett's character. It was entertaining and that is what Star Wars fans needed. I wish there were more cameos but I did enjoy the references to Bossk and Aurra Sing.

  4. I already have Solo on Blu-Ray, so don't enter me in the contest. I gotta say that I love the movie, though. It is just plain fun and I think it does enough with the character of Han to make it a worthy origin story but it doesn't get bogged down with being an origin story. The costumes, character designs, and blasters are just fantastic. It's probably my favorite film from the Disney SW era (I love Rogue One, too, but I have to be in the mood since it's a bit of a downer). I really hope Solo continues in some form. I'd love another film but that seems doubtful. Maybe a TV series or a comic?

    1. Solo was an enjoyable movie for the most part. It's is actually when it focuses on his origin that I lose interest. How he gets his last name is cringe worthy, when he's talking to Chewie the first time is eye-rolling silliness.

      My biggest complaint with the film is that it establishes Han as a good guy. Why is this a problem? Because that was the overall story arc for the character in the Original Trilogy. He starts out as a smuggler, shows a little heart towards the end of the first film, but by the sequel is back to his all about myself mentality. It isn't until Jedi that he makes a commitment to the Rebel Alliance, and becomes a true hero. The characters arc for Solo is the exact same as it was in A New Hope, which diminishes all of that. Are we to believe he simply forgot this is how he was back then?

      I agree though. If there was one thing Solo did right, it was sequel bait. I'm definitely interested in a sequel (of sorts). More so on what is going on with Crimson Dawn, and the characters established there. I wouldn't be interested if it was yet another Star Wars spin-off which tells a story we already know - Ala Han gets in with Jabba, dumps his freight, and ends up on Jabba's D-List. I don't particularly want anymore films which have already been summed up via an opening crawl, lines from a previous film or numerous books (cannon or otherwise).

  5. I skipped it in the theaters because of the reviews, but still want to see it.

  6. Saw it in the theaters. Wouldn't mind seeing it again on Blu-Ray.